Deer hunting season starts here on August 15th and runs until Jan. 1st. I can remember becoming surrounded by deer hunters when I was growing up on all the dirt roads around my Mom’s house. I still see them close to where I live now, but not like I did then. My mom would get a free deer or two each year. Regardless how many years she’d get one she never learned how to cook it to where it would taste delicious. That’s why I’ve decided it was worth it to take the time to round up some venison recipes to try when we get deer meat this year. I hope you find one or more to help you use up your deer meat this year.

Deer Hunting season has started that is why these Quality Venison Recipes To Use Up That Deer Meat will come in handy for you.


Venison Recipes

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Seared Venison with Blueberry Sauce

Seared Venison With Blueberry Sauce

Marinated Venison Chops

Marinated Venison Chops

Jalapeno Popper Venison Meatballs


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The Best Ever Venison Chili Recipe with Bell Peppers


Venison Sandwiches


Blue Plate Special: Meatloaf and Creamed Spinach


As if these lovely recipes weren’t enough you can check out Hunter Dan’s 10 Easy Ground Venison Recipes on his blog Delishably.

If you still don’t feel overly confident cooking venison be sure to check out these “How to Cook Deer Meat So It Doesn’t Taste Gamey” from Jessi.

I hope these recipes help you to use up some of your venison this year.

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