The only downfall to homeschooling my children is teaching them about their bodies and the facts of life. Luckily, MarshMedia was designed to help with teaching puberty education.They even have a Homeschool Special for us homeschoolers now.

About MarshMedia

MarshMedia Review. Puberty education supplement to help educators cover the tough subjects.

MarshMedia is a company that has been around since 1969 that has offered educational DVD’s, Teaching guides, and books for kids in elementary and middle school. Their products cover the topics that are often the most difficult to teach kids. They talk about hygiene, puberty education, nutrition, and safety. They are most well-known for their puberty education series. There are over 50 videos in their library.

MarshMedia has been used in schools throughout various countries in the world. Most of the videos available through MarshMedia cost $29.95 to rent for a 24-hour period.  Each video will tell you who it’s designed for and more information about it.

Now homeschoolers are able to use it with their families at a reasonable rate too. Their current offer, only available to homeschool families, unlimited viewing of 59 programs for $50.00 until 12-31-17 with no time constraints or limits on the number of times a program can be viewed, can ONLY be accessed by using the link we provided; Then you MUST click on “Homeschool Special.”

My Review

MarshMedia Review. Puberty education supplement to help educators cover the tough subjects.

If you raise teenagers then you are well aware that there comes a time when they just down right have body odor issues. Regardless how much a parent and/or grandparent harps about this topic, it seems to go right through their ears. We’ve encountered this problem with two teenagers in our family this year.

Puberty Education in Action

MarshMedia helped us out with this issue in our family. I had the boys watch the boys videos. Momma had someone else watch the videos for the girls. It dawned on them that they aren’t alone with this struggle. They realized that we weren’t necessarily knick picking on them or singling them out. It was just a “FACT OF LIFE.” (Even though, I had clearly told them that they didn’t believe that other teenagers had the same problem.)

These Let’s Just Talk videos were ‘decent to watch’ per Jimmy. He stated the topics covered did make him squirm a bit, but he knows he has to learn this information.

I wish I could say that this program eliminated our issues altogether. However, I can point out that they watched the video and to please put what they learned into action. Rather than just harping on them to do certain things.

These videos also talked about how their bodies are changing. It helped answer some of the questions he had that he wasn’t overly comfortable with asking out loud.

While MarshMedia’s most popular sections are their puberty educational videos, they do have videos that cover nutrition and even character lessons for my younger kids. Those were well suited for them. They were designed in a fun and engaging manner. Zeva liked the characters from the Character Education DVDs.

Overall, I believe MarshMedia will help homeschoolers to be able to teach these sometimes uncomfortable topics with a bit more ease. It also helps to have someone/something else tell your kids things that they don’t want to hear. That reminded me, one of the videos even talked about playing music too loud -which is a problem here.

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You can learn more about MarshMedia by visiting their website. You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and YouTube.


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