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Prepare For The Thredbo Cannonball MTB Festival

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Australia is known for its exotic wildlife, fine beaches, and a downright entertaining cultural history. Britain sent all the criminals there, and the blokes went and made a society. A fine, fun, well-regarded society full of excitement and its own unique cultural perspective on the world; one defined with idiosyncratic humor and unique artistic input. (Looking at you, Mad Max!)

As Australia has come into its own as a nation, new means of entertainment have gradually developed. For example, snowboarding and skiing are now incredibly popular. In New South Wales is a place called Thredbo, and there are a number of ski-sport activities for the intrepid adventurer. However, it’s also worth noting that year-round, there isn’t always snow.

Australia is a pretty temperate place, and seldom is it cold enough even in the mountain regions for snow. However, that doesn’t mean the outdoor fun ends when the warm season begins. Additionally, there’s mountain biking; and specifically, there’s the Thredbo Cannonball MTB Festival; which takes place for five days between December fourth and ninth, 2019.

Prepare for the Thredbo Cannonball MTB Festival with these tips. There's something for everyone.

Something For Everyone

Now, primarily, this festival is for avid mountain bikers looking to pursue a little friendly competition while enjoying the great Australian outdoors. While there are certain things to do if you’re not the type to ride a wheeled machine down a mountain, if you’re skilled at mountain biking, you can really put yourself to the test in Thredbo this year.

Events include the Maxxis Flow Motion Cup, the Rockshox Pump Track Challenge, Deity Whip Wars, and the Osprey All-Mountain Assault. That’s just in the “downhill” division. But that’s not all. Here’s the full schedule, and it’s definitely got some interesting events for any Thredbo visitors this December.

For example, the festival starts out with an opening evening BBQ dinner after some of the first day’s downhill runs. Fans of MTB events can meet some of the pros at a signing event, and get autographs. Because of the chair-lifts, there’s an excellent opportunity for those who seek to ride with the professionals, too.

Essentially, the chair lifts don’t quit running just because of the snow melts. The same slopes can be used for downhill biking, and then you can ride the chair lift right back to the top. It’s a win-win for everyone. You get exercise and fun, but don’t have to huff and puff to ride back up the mountain again for another run.

Additional Events

From there, races, challenges, open public events, parties at local taverns, presentations, and celebrations once the primary events have concluded are all core to this warm-weather Thredbo event. It’s a nationally-known attraction which brings riders from all across the country and even a few international contenders.

As well, Thredbo itself is full of entertainment options. Nightlife, dining, hiking, and simple relaxation are in abundance. On this website, you can find a solid list of available recreational activities boasted at Thredbo. There are quite a few, as this region is designed for outdoor fun regardless of the season.

Rolling Down The Mountain Like A Cannonball On A Bike

Vacation is necessary for a healthy mentality. You’ve got to get away at least a few times a year and do something which totally upsets the “applecart” of your primary schedule. If you don’t, you feel trapped, and don’t get the necessary rejuvenation to keep on keeping on during your day-to-day grind.

Thredbo is a great place to go regardless of the snow, maybe check it out this warm season! The Cannonball MTB Festival is a great event to attend. Beyond the competition, races, celebrations, and social events replete with BBQ, Thredbo offers crisp clear mountain air and a plethora of natural beauty to help reset you for the coming year.

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