To stand on our online pedestal and say that homeschooling is easy would be a fabrication worthy of a Donald Trump tweet. It is tough. It is daunting. It is a lot of pressure. But it is also one of the most rewarding and exhilarating things you can ever experience as a parent. You are teaching them how to be successful in life, how to navigate the ups and downs and hurdles,  and how to be passionate about the things they do.

Yes, there are curriculums you need to consider, how to be organized, and how to keep pushing them as they grow, all of which will come to you as you find your feet. However, finding your feet means getting off the ground, which is why we have compiled a list of our top tips, tricks and bits of advice to help you get started.

Know The Rules

Every state has different rules regarding homeschooling. Some may require a little bit of hoop jumping and some may ask you to just sign something. The great news is, all of them will provide you with a benchmark for what your kid should be achieving at their age. Very helpful.

Do Your Research

The more you know, the more your kid will learn. Take courses, attend seminars, look at ways to learn English quickly or Math harmlessly. See what other teaching philosophies are out there to see which suits you and your child more. The more educated you are the more customized you can make your program.

7 Sage Pieces Of Homeschooling Advice that will help you with your homeschooling journey. What advice do you find the most helpful?

Get Outside

It doesn’t so matter what you are doing, just so long as you are getting outside and breathing fresh air. Tennis, gardening, studying insects, going on treasure hunts by geocaching, or anything you like should be considered. One of the most engaging ways to learn is through stimulation, and that’s what the great outdoors offers.

Always Be Positive

You are their parent as well as their teacher, and that means they are going to reflect your mood more than anything. So get into the habit of affecting your mood positively to keep their focus. If you’re distracted or grumpy, they will be too. If you are engaged and excited, then their learning will be also.

Get Creative

It can be too easy to think you can’t do something or go somewhere because your children are too young or you can’t justify the expense. Don’t let this stop you. Whatever you are hoping to do, do it now and do what you can with your budget. It is all about getting creative with your ideas.

Let Them Explore

So long as you have provided a safe place for them, let them explore their curiosities. Let them use their imaginations. Let them make mistakes. Encourage them to be the independent, curious, and brave little people we are all born to be. Know when to pull on the reins a bit, but don’t do it too often.

Love Comes First

Whatever your reasons for homeschooling, love was surely mixed in. Always remember that in everything you do. Don’t get frustrated if they can’t finish their English homework, encourage them to keep trying. Don’t scream at them for not being a born scientist; we are all different. The one approach that will prevail above all others is love.

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