The Pencil Grip, Inc. sent us two of their products to try out: The Ultra Safe Safety Scissors and The 3 Step Pencil Grip Training Kit. These products are designed to help with teaching kids how to write.

About The 3 Step Pencil Grip Training Kit

Help your child learn how to hold their writing utensils in the proper form with these products. Learn more here.

The 3 Step Pencil Grip Training Kit is designed to help kids to learn how to form proper positioning of their fingers. There are three different grips to use.  The crossover grip (green) is designed to be used with a beginner. It has an extended “superhero cape” to sort of push your child to use the proper grip of their pencil. The pinch grip (red) is the next step up. This grip has “wings” that allow the child to expand upon their hold. They can physically see where they are putting their fingers. The pencil grip original (blue) is for the advanced user. It helps them to continue to keep their proper grasp for life. You can get this set for $5.37.

About Ultra Safety Scissors

Help your child learn how to hold their writing utensils in the proper form with these products. Learn more here.

These are not your typical child safety scissors. These scissors are made sharp like normal scissors. HOWEVER, they have a permanent shield to protect your child’s fingers.

Help your child learn how to hold their writing utensils in the proper form with these products. Learn more here.

The handles also have an “ergonomic shape” to them. They have also added a spring to help kids who have limited strength and coordination. You can buy these $5.00.

My Review

I laid the grips on my desk and they magically disappeared. Come to find out, my youngest son (age 10) couldn’t resist using them. He remembered them from our last review. He says it helps him with his pretty cursive writing. He claims they are the reason why he can produce such “pretty writing.”

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I had Zeva try them too, but she wasn’t a fan of them. She already holds her pencils pretty well.

I tried The CROSSOVER Original grip personally too. I remember trying something similar to this as a kid growing up. These feel better on my fingers. It makes your pens and pencils easier to hold for extended periods of time. Since I handwrite 4-6 (about 5-6 pages each) letters just about every week that was a nice feature to have on my pen.

I had Zeva use the scissors. She wasn’t a fan of them at first. It was an adjustment for her since the handles are different compared to her other safety scissors. The shield also seemed to be an issue because she couldn’t easily get the scissors over the paper on her own at first.

When I wasn’t making her cut things, I caught her grabbing them and cutting up all kinds of things. I think it was a case of she liked them, but didn’t want me to know that she liked them. They were “baby” scissors in her mind. Yet, I feel much safer with her using them because she does have coordination issues. I did have to take them from her because she was creating all kinds of LITTLE pieces of paper creations. She asks for them now.

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