In the society that we live in it’s become abundantly clear that our kids need to know as much as they can about technology. Since I’m a blogger, I have been trying desperately to get my boys interested in doing web design. Thanks to the Homeschool Review Crew we were given a chance to review the Web Design course from CompuScholar, Inc.

About CompuScholar, Inc.’s Web Design Course

Web Design course for students in grades 6-12. Be sure to find out more about it here.

This course teaches kids how to create their web pages using HTML and CSS. This coding course is designed for students in grades 6-12. It covers all of the major topics that a person will need to make a primary website. To name some of the aspects that are involved in this online web design course: HTML5 symbols and elements, Tables, Dynamic menus, and JavaScript and jQuery. This course is affordable at only $15.00 a month/$120 a year using the self-study or using the Teacher-Led system it’s $35.00 a month/$300 a year.

My Review

I let Delbert, my fourth-grader, take this course since he showed more interest in doing this than my seventh-grader. Plus, I figured due to the things I’ve already taught him to do he’d be able to handle this course. The only concern I had was that his attention span issue would get in his way regardless who taught him web design.

I took some of the lessons within this online web design course to get a feel for how it works for the review. I have to say that this class is broken down in easy to follow sections. The lessons take about 20 minutes each. As a mother to a child who doesn’t stay focused for long unless he’s physically active, this is of vital importance.

Each lesson has a lesson video, reading text, and lesson quiz. The activity sections give you detailed instructions. Plus, a section to submit your activities. Then there is a chapter exam to ensure your child has learned everything.

Web Design course for students in grades 6-12. Be sure to find out more about it here.

Delbert stated that it gives you strong details on how to do web design. He likes it because it’s fairly simple to follow along. He loves the fact that when he’s done that he’ll be able to put his creative skills to use. He did have to do some chapters over repeatedly due to not getting all the details right the first time around. As anyone who has ever tried to design a website will tell you if you miss one bit of coding it can through the whole project off track. There were a few times that he had to find his errors, and that took a bit of time.

As a homeschooler, I liked this course. It covers the major aspects of web design. There are twenty-eight chapters and even supplemental lessons and projects. I think that they are charging a reasonable price (if not undercharging) for this course.

Find Out More About CompuScholar, Inc.

Web Design course for students in grades 6-12. Be sure to find out more about it here.

You can learn more about this course and the other ones the CompuScholar, Inc. offers by visiting their website. You can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter. (Please note: You may have heard of this company as Homeschool Programming. They have rebranded and changed their name.)

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