I just found out about the 2018 Nonfiction November event from Book by Book by Sue Jackson. I’m so glad that I found out about it. I decided to share with you my long list of nonfiction books I’m currently reading. I read a good bit of nonfiction normally.

2018’s Nonfiction November is being hosted by Katie at Doing Dewey, Rennie at What’s Nonfiction?, Julie at Julz Reads, Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness, and Sarah’s Book Shelves. There doesn’t seem to be a sign-up list, but you can read all about the events for the month, weekly topics for blog posts, an Instagram challenge, and more at Sarah’s Book Shelves, and there will be link-ups each week.

Books I’m Currently Reading for Nonfiction November

Did you know it's Nonfiction November? Here is a list of eight books I'm reading for Nonfiction November. Which ones have you read? What are you reading?

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Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

This book is quite inspiring. It definitely showcases the difference in how I think and how I SHOULD think. I’m definitely taking heart the messages in this book because he’s right! Rich people don’t doubt themselves and they take action! I’m working more diligently than I have in a long time.

The Soulmate Secret Manifest the Love of Your Life With The Law of Attraction

I am happily married to my soulmate. I am curious though what the current trends are for how people think it happens. I do plan to write more about what this book says compared to my own thoughts.

Sex After … Women Share How Intimacy Changes as Life Changes

As you’ll soon find out the topic of sex is not something I run from. I believe a healthy sex life is important to have in a marriage. I will admit I did put more value on it than I should have when I was younger, but I still feel it’s quite important for a long list of reasons. I’m reading this book to see how I can help couples even more on this issue.


I am a natural born leader. I haven’t been in any position where I haven’t eventually become the leader without even trying in most cases. I have yet to figure out why that has been who I am. However, I want my leadership skills to be used for good! I want to learn how to learn more about this concept that Dave Ramsey has written about.

Mastering Online Marketing

I’m always on the hunt to improve my marketing skills. Plus, Mitch also shares easy web automation to make more money and work less. I need all the help I can get because time is limited, but my needs are huge.

See You At the Top

This is another entreprenuial inspirational book to read. I am eager to learn from Zig Ziglar because he’s one of the well-known marketers.

Tech Generation

I have kids who are technology lovers. They have cell phones, video game systems, and Kindles. Not to mention, TVs and computers! They have been spoiled rotten. Yet, I’m trying to find the balance between them using technology all the time and loving the world they are currently in! I also want them to be responsible assets to the world they live in too.

The Ultimate Guide to Network Marketing

I’m reading this one to see what tips and tricks Dr. Joe Rubino has to offer!

I hope to gain a lot of knowledge by reading these books. I have learned in the past that books like these can truly transform your life IF you take action doing the things suggested in the book.

I still say my most favorite nonfiction book I’ve ever read was You Are a Badass®: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life.

If you live with self-doubt, this book has a way of making it go away WITHOUT offending you more.

What are you reading for Nonfiction November?