We got our DVD movie in today and on the sleeve cover we got a form to fill out sharing our top 5 movies for a chance to win a Best DVD Fan prize package by sharing our answers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I couldn’t resist doing a search for the #BestDVDEver thread on Twitter. It amazes me the wide variety of movies that were shared by everyone. It’s so nice to see that many of the movies that were listed were ones I’ve seen and also enjoyed.

I was surprised to see that the main movies Del and I selected were NOT listed. I’ve seen a lot of other’s people selections not mentioned too. It’s nice to see everyone standing behind their choices and proudly displaying them across social media.

There were a lot of wonderful movies listed such as:

Gone With The Wind (which I just finished watching this movie completely last week.)

Schlinder’s List (I’ve never watched this movie.)

The Shawshank’s Redemption (I’ve watched this several times in my life.)

Pulp Fiction (I’ve never seen it.)

God Father Collection (I’ve NEVER seen these movies.)

Forest Gump (Seen it and refer to its famous quote “Life is like a box of chocolates.” often)

The Breakfast Club (Seen it once in my 30’s.)

The Notebook (That is my number one movie.)

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Some of the movies Del and I picked were NOT mentioned on the search I did:

War Room (I love the movie and books associated with it.)

Mom’s Night Out (This is a hilarious movie filled with powerful messages too.)

Blade Runner (Del’s number one movie. I’ve never seen it.)

Star Wars 3 (Del’s second pick. I’ve never watched it.)

What are your top five favorite movies? Share it in the comments!

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Disclosure: I am a part of the Netflix Stream Team. This post is sponsored by them, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.