Homeschooling my kids is something that I take seriously. This was truly MY ONLY concern when it came to the presidential election. I could have handled losing almost every other right except for that one. Our kids are in a school district that would drastically hold them back! As a whole, I believe our educational system has taken a severe downhill turn since I graduated in 1998. I graduated from high school with honors from taking honors courses, and I was within the top 30 of my class without cracking a single textbook.

Pursuit of Teaching Degree

I spent since I was in the fifth grade until I got into my first year of college preparing to be a teacher. I was a Teacher Cadet, teacher assistant, and even State Secretary for Students Activation for Education counsel my Junior and Senior year in high school. Teaching was what I felt I was lead to do with every ounce of my being.
I didn’t want to just teach in a normal classroom. I wanted to teach the teenagers who were rebelling against everyone and everything. I wanted to show them that someone still believed in them regardless how “bad or disgraceful” the society made them feel. Ironically, when I was going to school those were the very students who didn’t do well with sitting in a classroom or even following the direct orders teachers gave them (MAINLY because they were BORED to death.)

Homeschooling my kids is something that I take seriously. Find out my thoughts on his pick for the Secretary of Education 2016 Pick. Let's see if we agree.
I wanted to be the teacher like the one in the movie Dangerous Minds. Even the teacher in School of Life uses unique ways to keep kids entertained and learning. Low and behold, I found out that wasn’t really an option when I went off to college because teachers aren’t allowed to really discipline kids with even an ounce of embarrassment for fear of them gaining self-esteem issues.
I ended up pursuing the route of obtaining degrees related to business. Ironically, I hardly ever use the skills I learned from those classes. However, hopefully, one day that will change.
I do, however, use everything I learned related to teaching with homeschooling my kids. My kids soak information up like they are little sponges. They love learning from home and using the methods we use.

Why I’m Happy With Donald Trump’s Choice

I’m thrilled that Donald Trump chooses Betsy Devos as the Secretary of Education. The below snippet is one of many reasons why I feel she’s a good pick.

Excerpt from Interview with Betsy Devos



What about homeschooling? tweet



Homeschooling represents another perfectly valid educational option. We’ve seen more and more people opt for homeschooling, including in urban areas. What you’re seeing are parents who are fed up with their lack of power to do anything about where their kids are assigned to go to school. To the extent that homeschooling puts parents back in charge of their kids’ education, more power to them. tweet

If we had unlimited internet in our home, I do declare our homeschooling journey would be even better. There is a wide range of homeschool curriculums and engaging educational games available for my kids to use to help make learning an adventure that they will remember. There are loads of videos online of people taking the time to teach everything a person could want to learn.

Benefit of Homeschooling

I personally treasure the fact that my kids soak in as much knowledge as they want on things that interest them. My oldest son is a Science geek. In fact, he learns so many fascinating things on his own that when it comes time for him to do his tests for school he is quick to tell me he already knows about all of the things the school is covering due to his own research he’s done. Low and behold, he usually makes 100% and tries to proceed to give me long ordeal answers beyond what the test covers to show off the things he learned on his own. For as much as it bores me, I’m proud of him and own personal desire to improve his educational knowledge. (Certain aspects of Science bores me to pieces.)
The point is that it’s refreshing to see that we will have a Secretary of Education who values and appreciates the fact that I choose to homeschool my kids. I am a bit concerned about how much more the government will be involved in our methods for homeschooling our kids. However, I do use the online public school system to homeschool my kids ALONG with the products we get to review for the blog and many other resources I find online. At this point, my kids find the work on their online public school to be less than challenging to them! They have one subject each that they both struggle with, but beyond that they are making straight A’s and whizzing through their work. Those one subjects are not going to make or break them when they graduate so I’m not spending any more time on them than they need to. Since they ARE homeschooled and I am their primary teacher we have that right to choose to do that.
While I love homeschooling my kids, I’m also appreciative of the fact that parents will have the right to choose which school they want to send their kids to. Since we will have that option the idea of sending them to a local school that is about 20 minutes from my house one way, may be something that I will put more thought into doing because I’m NOT against public schools as a whole, but rather the ones closest to me.

I trust the school teachers and system that I’m considering using with my kids. It’s just a matter of whether or not the pros outweigh the cons. When you’ve been homeschooling for as long as we have we tend to see a lot more cons to sending them off to school versus continuing to homeschool. I’ll dive into that in another post in the very near future.

What are your thoughts on the new Secretary of Education and the changes that Trump is hoping to implement?