First, I would like to say that I have been a Destiny 1 player since day one. My hat goes off to all the people who have been involved in the creation of Destiny 1 & 2. I know that you can’t please everyone, but you are trying. I love the concept of the game.

Destiny 2 has the basic fundamentals of their game. In the beginning, it started off with a good platform that could have been expanded upon. However, it seems as if the developers have stopped with adding new things to their platform.

Where is the reason to grind? Even if the story is short, as long as there is a reason to grind, I find that keeps me wanting more. When we hit max on anything, we need to feel that we haven’t finished because there are things to do. As a player of Destiny 2, I sometimes feel that I just hit a wall. I feel that way because I have maxed my light level, but I still play because I love the game. I talk to my friends’ from Destiny 1 & 2, and they have stopped playing the game because as they put it ” The game has died.” I tell them it hasn’t died it just went to sleep. It’s time to wake up the game!

It's time to wake up the Destiny 2 video game, and I have a few suggestions to make that happen. Which ones do you agree with? Do you have some of your own?

There are still many things I love about Destiny 2. Some of them include:

  • It’s fun to play solo or as a group. (Yes, I even started a clan when I was playing Destiny 1.)
  • It’s nice to be able to play with people from around the corner or from the other side of the world. It’s fun to play a game that helps me get to know others that like the same type of games that I love.
  • It’s challenging for me to try and learn my way around the maps without having to keep going back and forth.
  • I love the feeling of finishing what I started.

I am just one player but let me list the things that I think Destiny 2 needs.

  • What is the reason to keep leveling up people/ factions (not rally factions)? For an example, people on the planets.
  • Maybe put a quest chain in the game for something special. It doesn’t have to be anything different than what’s there just give us something worth going back and doing again. I am not just talking about emblem either.
  • A quest to get a ghost that gives us the ability to equip 2 exotic armor pieces.
  • Maybe work on exotic engram drops.
  • Give planet material some other things to use them for besides just upgrading planet people.
  • Guided games put in a way to pick a language that you need to speak.
  • A list of strikes to pick from.
  • The ability to play from start to finish following the storyline without having to start a new character.

Some PVP Recommendations (While I am not a very big PVP player, I do still play PVP and think these changes would entice me more.)

  • Spawn points (because of spawn kills). Yes, it still happens.
  • List to pick which type you want to play. I understand why you did it the way you did it. It makes it easier to get players together in one big group to pull from to fill a match.

Stop saying we hear you and just say what you are thinking! Don’t try to please us all but try to improve the game in a way that makes us want to keep playing. I love to grind for a reason.

Overall, I still play Destiny because I still BELIEVE it will get better. I would still recommend Destiny to others. The reason is not (THE END GOAL OF FRIENDSHIP) but because it can make you stand up and say that was fun. Let’s see if we can do it faster this time.

Talk to me in the comments, please:

If you’re a Destiny 2 player, do you agree with my suggestions? Do you have some of your own?