September has turned into a long month filled with many appointments I wasn’t expecting. As a result, there hasn’t been a whole lot of movie watching in our home this month. HOWEVER, most of the things I’ve watched this month have been worth watching.

I’m going to start with what we watched on Netflix. We will no longer be a part of the Stream Team anymore. Netflix has changed how they are doing things and we are not a good fit with them anymore for mutual reasons. That’s NOT saying that I don’t like Netflix nor is it saying that I will no longer be sharing things we watch off of there because I’m confident we will continue to do that. Netflix is a part of lives despite our data issues.


Disclosure statement


On Netflix



This a movie based on real events of a football team from Ohio that went from having a LONG losing streak to starting to whip some serious football tail. They gained a new coach that taught them how to win as a team. He installed in them hard work and dedication. It’s an inspirational movie worth watching with the kids.

Honey 3 


If you’ve watched Honey and Honey 2 then you know this is a dancing movie. It’s very similar to the Step Up series. Yet, it’s different too because the Honey series is gives more about the story itself. Whereas, the Step Up series is more about the dancing. Honey 3 is no exception because it covers the story of a young woman who wants to change her home town by offering a place for teens to use their talents to create a show for the community to see. It is a great drama to watch. (I actually rented this movie via Redbox, but found out it was available for instant play after renting it.)

Beauty and the Briefcase 


This movie is about a woman who wants to write for a very popular woman’s magazine. She goes to the extreme of getting hired by a business filled with men. She is instructed to date a man in a suit and find love for her article. It turned into a funny romance. (Of course, with Hilary Duff in it, you can bank you’re going to get some laughs, right?) It’s not a romance movie I’d technically go out of my way to watch, but if it’s available it won’t bore you to watch it.

Waffle Street

Based on true events, Jim went from being a V.P. at a $30 billion hedge fund to working as a waiter at a waffle shop. Amidst the greasy madness, Jim gets served hard lessons about life, finance, success, and grits. tweet

This movie was NOT what I expected. It was BETTER! This man revamped his entire life and took his skills and helped others. He learned a lot of valuable lessons along his journey to finding his true calling in life.

Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy: We’ve Been Thinking

Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy have new thoughts they decided to share with us. I watched this for Larry the Cable Guy and ended up liking Jeff Foxworthy’s portion a LOT better this go around. Especially since his parts covered many of the issues I’m dealing with in my life RIGHT now in a comical manner. It was good for a laugh!

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The Crown


I’m looking forward to the series The Crown which will be airing on November 4th. Check out this preview and see what you think about it.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

This is another one that I can’t wait to see on Netflix. I have indulged in the Gilmore Girls series more than once in my life.

That’s all the movies I watched off of Netflix. 

The Boss 


I had major hopes for this movie since I am a fan of Melissa McCarthy in SOME of her movies. This one didn’t make the cut for me. It was HORRIBLE to me. I wanted laughs and she’s good at providing them. This movie though was to stupid to be funny for me. Plus, I didn’t like the language and the cruel things that happened throughout the movie.

Game of Thrones Series


I decided to push to watch this series since it’s won so many awards. Plus, everywhere I turn someone is talking about it. (It’s almost like hearing about God Father series throughout my childhood and having no clue what everyone is talking about.) I didn’t want to get left in the dust this time. I am still working my way through this series. It is one of the most twisted shows I’ve ever watched. Despite that, I can’t seem to quit watching it. I can see why everyone talks about it. It’s twisted and goes against everything I think humans should do.


Let’s Chat:

Which one of these movies/shows interests you? Have you watched them already, what are your thoughts about them?