Have you ever incorporated elements from your photos to create banners, posters or personal cards? This is a technique commonly called the technique of making a photo montage. To do or apply this technique you absolutely need a special tool for it. Really want to montage photos?

Specifically, you need to extract various elements from your photos, copy them and place them at the same time make a change of position or orientation. You need a tool that is really complex but still can be run easily even by people with minimal ability.

Take your photo editing to the next level. Check out this program that may be a game changer for you.

Start using

To use Movavi Photo Editor then you must launch it first. To add the images to be processed, you must click the Browse for Images button. Once the drawings are added then you can start doing modifications or editing like deleting and adding new backgrounds. In editing, you would necessarily require removal of unnecessary elements and you can directly click the ‘Deletion Object’ tab in the interface. You can use ‘Brush’ to remove unwanted objects. After you select those objects then you can click ‘Start Erasing’ and after deletion, you can immediately cover the trail with the help of ‘Stamp’. That way your editing results will look perfect and like done by a professional.

Take your photo editing to the next level. Check out this program that may be a game changer for you.

If you want to change the background

In case if you want to change background then ‘Background Removal’ tab is what you have to go to. You need ‘Foreground Brush’ to mark each object and click ‘Background Brush’ if you want to mark the area you want to delete. Foreground Brush and Background Brush have the same characteristics but different on the target. Once you are completely satisfied with your object selected, you need to perform the following steps:

– Click ‘Set New Background’: Its function is to delete the old background.
– Click ‘Add Image’: The function is to add a new background. You can certainly re-adjust to the old elements not deleted.

The last step

The final step is closely related to the main features of creating a photo montage, copying and pasting elements into the image. You just need ‘copy/paste’ under the ‘More’ tab. Movavi Photo Editor is the best tool (in our opinion) to create a photo montage.

As you can see it’s pretty user-friendly!

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