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Throughout the nine years, I have been homeschooling my kids we have used many different Math curriculums. They say that Math and Writing are the two hardest subjects to teach. I have to agree when it comes to writing. However, Math has always been one of my favorite subjects!

Due to my lack of creativity, it’s best for them that I found another program to teach them math.  That’s why I have tried out many forms of Math curriculum in hopes of making it FUN and engaging for them. Through all of the various ones we’ve tried out, CTC Math has won as our family’s favorite program to use! We have been able to share our love of math together rather have it become a sore topic for us.

Teaching kids Math doesn't have to become one of your biggest headaches. Instead be sure to add this math curriculum supplement to your arsenal! Learn more here ...

CTC Math allows the student to learn the materials in small chunks. I like the fact that I don’t have to add more pain to the process of them learning something new. They can pick any topic they need help on with a few clicks of a mouse. Then they can return back to their standard curriculum with confidence that they’ll get it right.

Teaching kids Math doesn't have to become one of your biggest headaches. Instead be sure to add this math curriculum supplement to your arsenal! Learn more here ...

This is a self-paced program that is fairly easy to follow. Each lesson has a short video explaining how to do the lesson. Then they are instructed to do a worksheet to ensure they have conquered the topic.  Be sure to read more of my review of CTC Math to learn even more details.

CTCMath an online Math program that can make all the difference!! Find out why you need this program if Math is a struggle in your home.

One of the best features to me as the parent is the fact that CTC Math gives me a full report breaking down everything my kids did while signed into their program. They can’t hide anything that they are still struggling with getting done. I can see how long they spent on the topics down the minutes too.


Other Math Curriculum Programs We’ve Reviewed

These math curriculums have all been GREAT in their own ways. As far as supplements go through, CTC Math is the king of them all thus far. CTC Math is user-friendly and provides instant feedback for both the kids and myself. They don’t have to get bogged down in doing things they don’t need to get the help they need on a particular part of math.

You can view some of the other math programs we’ve reviewed by clicking on their names. 

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