Homeschooling can become one of the most stressful things in the world to do. A common question that is brought up is, “How to maintain focus in homeschool?” Since I deal with three kids who all struggle with staying focused on their tasks at hand almost all the time most people feel I can answer this question with ease. While I can’t say I’m an expert on this topic, I can share what has worked for me.

Tips to Maintain Focus in Homeschool

Creating or Use Games

My kids (and myself, for that matter) are easily distracted. I have learned that changing things up helps tremendously. If there is any way to turn a learning activity into a game then, by all means, make it happen.  I shared some ideas in Math Games: Easy Ways to Turn Math Into a Game.

Take Learning Outside

I do know that my kids and I LOVE the outdoors! If there is a way to be outside and do our work we do it. I’ve had loads of fun with my kids on nature walks. I have turned lessons into scavenger hunts for their answers. There are so many other ways to take your homeschool outside. 

Learning how to maintain focus in homeschool isn't always easy. I'm sharing my tips on how to gain it with these tried and used methods.

Use Online Resources

If you’re like me and struggle with always coming up with games or other activities to make learning fun, then having a list of handy online educational sites for every subject will come in handy.

Watch Videos

Watching educational videos can sometimes help to get students eager to learn topics.

Here are some wonderful resources to help you with that:

100 Educational Shows to Stream on Netflix 

YouTube Education Videos

35 Shows for STEM Learning

Use Music

Music is therapeutic. I know when my oldest son wears a pair of headsets and does his work he is able to maintain focus in homeschool a heck of a lot better. Him wearing headphones helps him to tune everything out around him. I also work better when I have a radio blasting or a TV playing in the background.

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Give Them Total Silence

While my kids may work better with music, there are some kids who truly need total silence to function. I have heard of some children who need to focus. There are times when my younger son needs to have NO distractions of any kind to be able to read something.

These tips will help your students maintain focus in homeschool. Each student is different! It may take going through all of these ideas to find one that works for your child. Then again, you may find that NONE of these work. However, in my experience, these tips have worked well.

I know you may think that these ideas will enhance the distractions. However, I use them as tools to help us get back on track with the topic we are studying. Sometimes changing the way something is showcased helps a person to

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What are some ways that you maintain focus in homeschool in your home?