I have been confined in a wheelchair two times in my life. During both times, I about went bonkers. If I had known many of the things I know now, I would have probably been able to handle those times with more grace than what I did at those times. It’s amazing how when you’re confined to a wheelchair or barely able to move around how much time you have to think about the little things that make life grand. You think about all of the things in life you’d do differently if only you could move more. If they were active before being placed in their new predicament, then it’s even worse for them. For those reasons, I wanted to share with you some little things to make life easier for the immobile loved ones you may have in your family.

Little Things Add Up

Little Things To Make Life Easier for Immobile Loved Ones

Spend Time With Them

There are so many little things that add up to making a person’s life better in this position. It can start with as simple as your company. Often immobile individuals don’t gain many chances to interact with others because they aren’t able to do as much as others. While you’re visiting, a good way to spend that time is by talking over some sweet tea. A couple more ideas include playing board games, card games, or even putting a puzzle together.

Give Tools For Independence

One the hardest things about losing my mobility were losing my freedom along with it. I couldn’t stand relying on others. It was such a humbling experience to have to ask for help to do everything from bathing all the way to getting dressed.

Sometimes the simplest assistance is all that is needed. For example, who knew how hard it is to put shoes on when you can’t bend over or bring your leg up to hold the bottom of the shoe at the back to get your foot into it. I was pleased to partner with Vive Health to showcase their Shoe Horn. I created a very short video showing how easy this was to use. Please keep in mind this video was made with me using it one handed while holding my phone in the contrary. (So, that should tell you just how beneficial it is to have this Shoe Horn.)


Another small tool that makes a difference is the grabbers. It’s remarkable how fast things become out of reach when you’re suddenly in a sitting position only.

Offer To Take Them Places

Being couped up in a house for an extended period is enough to cause someone to go quite a bit insane (I should know!) Being able to just go to town to a park or even a movie would have been such a treat. Some cities even offer free courses that you could take together even. Who knows it may be so much fun that you’ll find yourself wanting to do it more often.

Offer To Clean Their Home

One of the best gifts that were ever given to me was when one of my friends cleaned my house from top to bottom and everywhere in between. I couldn’t stand looking at how dirty my home was, and I couldn’t do much about it. She saw that and dived right in without me even asking. It made me cry tears of joy to see my home sparkling and smelling beautiful.

As you know these aren’t overly expensive items that will cost you a lot of money. Even the time spent with them doesn’t have to be long periods either. However, if you were to do any of these little things for the immobile loved ones in your life, I can assure you that they’ll appreciate it beyond words.

What are some other little ideas that you would add to this list?

This is a sponsored post from Vive Health, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.