There are some things in life I’m quite passionate about! Marriage happens to be one of them! I’m the product of divorced parents, and I’ve been through a couple of them myself. As a result, I feel like I have a lot of offer couples who are struggling to help them gain a stronger and more fulfilling marriage. Today I’m inviting you to follow these little love steps to a happier marriage.

Background Story

Before I give you the FREE Little Love Steps Calendar I made for you, I wanted to give you a bit more background behind why I feel it’s so important.

We live in a society where couples are forced to work many long hours to make ends meet. If you happen to be rich, then chances are high that while you may be rich now, your marriage may have taken some beatings while you were working to get rich! It’s going to take the effort to close those gaps that were put in place.

There have been many friends of mine who don’t feel a connection with their spouse anymore. They’ve lost all desire to be intimate or otherwise with their spouse!

Men have grown more accustomed to wanting to come home after a long day of working and sit in front of the TV or pull out a video game controller rather than spend quality time with their wives. Wives have become so disengaged that they no longer care anymore on the outside, but yet are dying of loneliness and hurt on the inside.

Meanwhile, men are feeling like they are not appreciated or even wanted. They see their wives taking care of everyone and everything around them instead of them. The men become full of rage and disappointment because in most cases they aren’t sure how to express this is how they feel.

Often times they don’t want to talk to their friends about it because they fear that they are alone with this struggle. Yet, it’s more common than one may think. Couples are no longer courting each other after they have gotten married.

I’ve been told by my wise great-grandmother who was married for well over sixty years, that the key to any good marriage is to love each other daily.

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I was, of course, way too young to even know what they hang she was talking about. Now though, that makes perfect sense to me. It’s easy to get into our “comfort zones” once we’ve been married for a period of time. Sometimes it happens after two years, while other times it may take a bit longer. Either way, it happens in most marriages at some point. The question is how you are going to handle it.

Enhancing your marriage doesn't require as much work as you may think. By following these little love steps you'll be on your way to a stronger bond.

 Are you going to continue to let your marriage grow stale or are you going to nurture it until it blooms with so much love, you’re overflowing with it like you did when you were dating?

I plan on sharing more of the things I’ve learned about marriage in the months to come because again this is something, I’m quite passionate about. I’ve been avoiding it because sometimes it’s made me mention people who would rather not be mentioned on the blog. I’ve finally figured out ways to still help you without going down that rabbit hole.

My marriage is NOT perfect by any means! There are still aspects of it that still could use some tender love and care. I will tell you though that I’ve learned that some battles are better left alone because it’s not going to make or break me. An example would be that due to my husband’s health, he’s not able to go as many places with the kids and me as much as I wish he could. There are times I feel like a single parent as a result, but I know in my heart that if he were able to go, he’d go a lot more. Now mind you, if he WANTS to do something for himself, he’ll gather the strength to go. But I do see him planning out those trips, and to his credit, he does the same thing when he knows I really want him to do something with us.

You may find me talking about things as the “black kettle.” That’s perfectly fine with me, and the reason is that it’s so much easier to give sound advice than it is to follow it at times. As I’m saying things to you, it’s actually a reminder to myself to do these things too. Yes, I find myself deep in these marriage trenches too. Again though, love is an action. Sometimes it takes support to show our spouses with that love during the hard times!

Get Your FREE Little Love Steps Calendar

Throughout many of the marriage self-help books I’ve read throughout the years, one of the key things they suggest doing is to shower your spouse with love even when you don’t feel like it. It’s practical and quite beneficial bits of advice. The reason behind this concept is because love truly is an action!

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I have created a list of small things you can do for your spouse for the next 31 days. This Little Love Steps calendar will get you started in the direction of making a connection with your spouse again. Please sign up to get it for FREE.



Once you’ve gotten your FREE Little Love Steps Calendar please share this with your family and friends! I’d like to see as many couples as possible join in on this activity.