Everyone’s life story is different, and each one is bound to go through a host of changes which are unique to the person. However, there are also several milestones which are common to many of us. And when you reach one, it is worth stopping to assess your current situation. The milestones are bound to have a big impact on who you are as a person. Some will be positive and others less so. But they all present the opportunity to grow as a person and perhaps even go down a different path entirely. So, here are just some of the most common life milestones out there.


Life's most important milestones can impact every aspect of our lives. Which of these life's milestones have you already lived through?

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Moving Out

When you are a child, your parents have a whole host of responsibilities involved in caring for you and looking after your every need. As you move towards adulthood, these responsibilities gradually start to lessen as you start to acquire a greater sense of independence. But moving out for the first time is really the point that you are on your own. And it is bound to be scary at first, but it really marks the transition that you make into adulthood and defines who you will later become.

Falling in Love

You can fall in love multiple times throughout your life, and the rush that you get from it is impossible to replicate. Your first love certainly represents a major milestone in your life. It will teach you a lot about the power of human emotions and putting someone else ahead of yourself. And while some people will stay together with their childhood sweethearts, many more will have their hearts broken – another of life’s milestones which can really define who you become as a person.

Discovering Your Passion

Some people realize their passion at a young age, while for others, it takes a lot longer than that. But when you discover what it is, you can start structuring your life so that you have more time to enjoy it. Even better, you could turn it into a career so that you get paid for doing the things that you love the most. But if you haven’t quite got there yet, rest assured that this is a passion which can come at any point in your life, so it is worth taking the time over.

Getting Married

You may think that getting married doesn’t hold the same level of importance that it once did, but it still represents a major life milestone for many of us. After all, you are dedicating your life to a single person, and what could be more incredible than this? For some, it remains a religious experience, whereas for many more it has become one which is based on romance. There is no denying that marriage still holds a place of major importance for many of us in the 21st century.


Having Children

Life's most important milestones can impact every aspect of our lives. Which of these life's milestones have you already lived through?

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There are few events which are as life-changing as having a child, and once you have made a decision of this magnitude, you need to be prepared that your life is never going to be the same again. After all, rather than being about your own independence, you are no putting yourself in a place in which you are ready to care for another human life. Of course, this is the kind of decision which you want to make sure that you are 100 percent ready for, so take a look at more about surrogacy here if you think that you would like to go down this particular path. But for some, this milestone sneaks up on them when they least expect it. No matter whether you are prepared or not, there is no doubt that your life will transform into a whole host of different ways.


Buying a Home

People are buying homes later and later in life these days, but when you have a place of your own to look after, there is no doubt that this entirely different to renting or living with parents. Suddenly, you are a lot more invested both financially and emotionally. You have made a commitment to living in a certain area and you are ready to live in this place for the foreseeable future. This is something quite incredible and special.

Hitting life’s major milestones is an incredible experience, and there is no doubt that they can easily change who you are as a person. Each of them presents the perfect opportunity to stop on reflecting on where you are now and where you are heading in the future.