By using the English Grammer Teaching Method from English on a Roll® one can learn the English Language in a unique manner. This method will a person to be able to several forms of a person’s senses in order to help with the learning process. What’s even better is the whole process of learning the material is a pleasure to do!

About English on a Roll®

Teaching English Grammar can be done in a unique manner using English on a Roll. If you haven't heard of this method before you want to check it out.


English on a Roll is a dice styled system that is designed in such a manner that a person has their auditory, visual, AND tactile learning styles used. The guide provides instructors with all of the lesson plans needed to teach. It also gives directions for using the cubes in educational games. It even gives directions for using this material in written exercises.

These cubes can be used for teaching English Grammar and phonics. The fact that the cubes are colored coded based parts of speech it speeds up the process of helping the student learn them.

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Teaching English Grammar can be done in a unique manner using English on a Roll. If you haven't heard of this method before you want to check it out.

Zeva LOVES learning basic phonics with these cubes. She considers using them a ‘game’ the whole time we’re using them. It makes teaching her the basic grammar and phonic applications a lot easier. The fact that the parts of speech are color coded is a HUGE plus.

The lesson we particularly liked the most was lesson 10. Lesson 10 instructs me to ask questions and she has to create sentences to answer them. Considering she is only five years old and her reading isn’t strong, it does take her a bit of time to respond. However, for her, it was still entertaining because it challenged her to remember the words she needed to use. The fact that the dice have the plural version of the objects made it even more intense.

The set also came with two blank cubes with stickers to add what you want on them. I didn’t personally use that feature because the word choices were pretty strong already.

I feel like these cubes can be used for many aspects of grammar. It helps with teaching the different kinds of sentences. Users also have the ability to learn about simple present and past principles too.

Overall, I do recommend English on a Roll. You can purchase the English Grammar Teacher Method for $75.00. That includes the instructor’s manual and 1 cube set for the students. You have the option of purchasing the English Grammar Teaching System which comes with the Instructors Manual and five cube sets for $275.00. (Note: If you’re thinking of using this in a classroom setting, I feel confident you’ll be glad you got it.)  The English Grammar Cube Set is $65.00 by itself. The English Grammar Teaching System Instructor’s Manual is $16.95. There is even a board game available for only $18.00. If I pulled these cubes out with the board game I do declare Zeva would be overflowing with excitement.

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