History is NOT a subject that I have fun teaching my kids. However, we must cover state history here. The State the Facts: a Guide to Studying Your State from Laurelwood Books is perfect for meeting that requirement. This study guide is NOT what I was expecting. It’s MORE!

About The State the Facts: a Guide to Studying Your State 

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This study guide is designed in such a manner that it can be used by homeschool families across the entire United States. This study guide provides resources and guidance to help any homeschooling parent to teach their children about their states facts in a unique manner. It is 58 pages of interactive lesson plans to help a child learn more about their state. It is designed to be used for students 8 years old and above. It can be bought from Laurelwood Books for $13.95.

My Review

I was expecting State: The Facts a Guide to Studying Your State to be the run of the mill study guide covering just the basics of state history. I was completely blown away by the lesson plan ideas that were given in this guide.

They were NOT the run of the mill kinds of state history ideas. The first assignment that was issued was to create a mini address book of the important people of our United States and their contact information. At first, I felt that was quite an advanced thing to have my eight-year-old do, but he handled it rather well.

My son learned how to conduct interviews with top officials. He was quite nervous through that transaction. However, with each one he grew more comfortable with the idea.

He learned how to ask for help from our local librarian. He also conquered doing research at the library AND online. He learned how to dissect the information he read to gain the information he needed for his reports.

This book also made him think long and hard about what it means to be an American citizen. He also became well-informed about the some of the most important and inspiring people of history. This guide had him go beyond just studying the basic facts of the state and actually learn how people and events from history have made our state an important asset to our country.

Since he doesn’t like to draw he wasn’t too keen on doing all of the required drawings throughout the book. He also isn’t a strong essay writer, but he did get his points across in short easy sentences. Through all of these activities, it was clear that he became a scholar of the state and the history that has taken place in our state.

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Do you feel your children would have fun learning about their state history by doing a wide range of activities using this guide? 

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