Do you hold yourself back by seeking to have completely perfect projects BEFORE you turn them in? Did you know that perfectionism has a way of standing in someone’s way in more ways than one? I didn’t know until recently.

While you may see a good many mistakes on my blog or in other things I may do, I assure you that those mistakes are NOT intentional. In fact, most of the time that they are there it’s because I physically cannot see them as errors in the first place. If I could, they wouldn’t be there.

It seems that everywhere I’ve turned; lately, I’m reminded that things don’t have to be perfect for me to hit the publish button.

It's Time To Throw Perfectionism Out The Door. Perfectionism is more harmful than it is beneficial. It's time to pursue our dreams.


I don’t have to be…

  • some gorgeous model to get in front of a camera
  • a Grammar Queen to hit the publish button on a post (Although, it does help me to appear more professional.)
  • someone who knows everything about a topic to share what I do know about it.
  • A well-known blogger to make a positive difference in someone else’s life.

Throwing Perfectionism Out The Door

My perfectionism has caused me to live with anxiety for a long time now. It’s been a secret internal battle that I haven’t shared yet with anyone beyond Del. He’s the only one who knows that I hold back due to my fears. Jo Davidson, said it well when she said, “perfectionism is just fear, all wrapped up in perfectly pretty packaging.

It's Time To Throw Perfectionism Out The Door. Perfectionism is more harmful than it is beneficial. It's time to pursue our dreams.

I don’t want to let that fear stand in my way of making progress on the dreams I have. I don’t want to let it have the power to stop me from possibly helping someone else.

Appreciating MY Perfect Life

Everywhere in society, it seems we’re taught to believe that we must be beautiful, rich, have everything well organized, be Energizer bunnies, and so many other things. Shoot, even I’ve shared tips on how to declutter your home.

The reality is that we all have our definitions of what perfect means. For example, I think my home is perfect just the way it is right now even though my dishes are put away in a very random manner, and there are other things “out of place.” For my mom, her house had to be spick and span to the point that you could eat off her floors without worrying about getting any dirt on your food.

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I want to be able to let go of perfectionism so that I can appreciate the time I have with my family more. I spend more time trying to get my kids to do everything 110% correct ALL the time than I do appreciating what they have accomplished. No one can be perfect all the time.

We are only humans. One of my favorite songs has become Human by Rag n’ Bone Man. This song reminds me that I’m not perfect and no one else is either.

What Perfectionism Is

Perfectionism is a glorified version of fear. Fear of being ridiculed, of being a failure, and so much more.

I watch my daughter, and she reminds me so much of how I was as a kid. I was fearless. I didn’t have a worry in the world. I told everyone what I thought without caring about what they would think of me.

I’m throwing perfectionism out the door. You may see even more mistakes from me. However, that is ME. I’m NOT perfect nor have I ever claimed to be. I know I never will be.

I’m just going to be real. If I step on toes or upset someone along the way, I’m sorry. Sometimes a good feather ruffling is just what you may need at that time. Just remember, everything I say or do is with good intentions. 


Talk to me in the comments, please:

Do you suffer from perfectionism holding you back?

Do you want to know how to throw perfectionism out the door?