Online bingo is perhaps a little older than you think.  What’s more, some of the biggest developers and names in online gaming have been part of the scene since the 90s!  Therefore, it’s safe to say that playing slots and bingo online has been possible for a long time. Check out for more details on the latest brands.

Online casino providers such as Microgaming and 32Red led the way at the start of the 00s, and since then, online bingo, in particular, has absolutely exploded.  More and more people are playing bingo and slots online now than ever before.  But why is this?


Online bingo is perhaps a little older than you think. Playing slots and bingo online has been possible for a long time. Find out how you can join the fun!

Online Bingo Has Never Been More Fun

There’s little wonder why so many people are into online slots and bingo.  For one thing, it’s the convenience!  All you ever need to do is go straight to your favorite site from your laptop or your phone and log in to play some great games.  Both bingo and slots games are continuing to be developed with ease of use in mind, and that means quicker loading times, easier controls, and lots more fun.  Anyone who remembers playing bingo or slots online even 10 to 15 years ago will soon tell you that functionality has come a very long way!

Huge Bonus Deals

The bonus code scene has absolutely exploded since the early days of online gaming, which perhaps goes a fair way to explaining why so many people are getting into bingo and slots.

  • Big no deposit deals are likely to be the most popular. Plenty of bingo and slots sites offer no deposit bonus codes to allow you to play games without having to pay a penny!
  • Similarly, cash matching deals are just as popular. For example, if you pay in £10 on a 100% matching deal, you’ll get another £10 free to play with.
  • There’s also a fairly recent trend in ‘no wagering’. Wagering requirements generally come with most bonus deals – it’s where you’ll need to play back a certain amount of money off a bonus code before you can withdraw.
  • However, plenty of big new sites such as PlayOJO and Rise are offering players big bonus deals without having to play a certain amount back. That’s a massive amount of freedom, and very tempting indeed!

More Games than Ever Before

Online bingo used to be fairly boring.  You used to have a simple grid, a few numbers, and an automated dabber.  These days, you get the chance to try out themed bingo, jackpot bingo, even twists on the old formula such as Slingo.  To say that bingo has evolved beyond all recognition online is putting it mildly.  And that’s a good thing!

Slots games, too, are becoming more and more adventurous.  With more games developers helping out growing sites, some slots catalogues swell into the hundreds.  That’s an amazing amount of choice!  Quality over quantity should always be something to look for, but with so many big, brilliant games out there – often with progressive jackpots attached – there’s little wonder so many of us are getting involved with regular gaming.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you’ve not yet considered looking at online bingo and slots in more detail, there’s never been a better time to start.  Why not use Boomtown Bingo’s amazing guides and lists offering the best and latest sites available to try?  Check out welcome bonus codes, games catalogues, banking methods and more.  It pays to research a site before you get too deeply involved, and when it comes to spending your money, you’ll obviously want to make a reasoned decision!