Jimmy is massively involved in learning skill sets that will allow him to use his love of Science, Math, and hands-on skills to land him the perfect career. Thinking Like an Engineer from Innovators Tribe is the perfect way for my son to explore the fields of applied science, design, and technology. Jimmy couldn’t wait to start his Thinking Like an Engineer course. 

About Thinking Like an Engineer

Help your child explore STEM topics in a fun engaging online course through Innovators Tribe. Find out more here.

The Thinking Like an Engineer course is a program designed for students in grades 6-12. It’s normally priced at $149.00, but UNTIL November 11, 2017, you can snag this deal at $96.00. This course teaches kids how to think like an engineer.

Help your child explore STEM topics in a fun engaging online course through Innovators Tribe. Find out more here.

The courses come included with completely self-paced lessons. They are given hands-on projects to do. They also have challenges to finish to see how much they have learned. All software is included in this course too.

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My Review

I knew Jimmy would want to do this course because he loves anything along these lines of learning. He has always had fun when I’ve taken him to other technology/science based courses. He takes time out of his free time to learn new things in these topics quite often.

I couldn’t get him access information for Thinking Like an Engineer fast enough. If it was left up to him, he’d have already completely finished this course. However, he will continue to work on this course until he’s done without me having to beg him because he’s been begging me to go back to it.

I love the fact that this is a completely independent course for him to finish. He doesn’t need me to help him in any way. I am not even involved in it. However…

My mother-in-law found out that she could do the course too, and she signed up to take the course too. She had a lot of fun learning the newer way of doing things with the fancy software. She also loved doing the hands-on projects with Jimmy. (They were so wrapped up in doing them with so much gusto that I didn’t get any pictures from their experience. Per them, “We were having to much fun to think about taking pictures.”)

I love seeing him expanding his knowledge on topics that interest him so much. I feel it helps him have added confidence in pursuing careers that may not have been open for him otherwise. I feel that this course provides loads of information. I love that it teaches him how to use many different kinds of software.

This course has challenged him to the point that he spent over two days on one section of it, but he didn’t give up. Nor did he complain about how difficult it was to conquer because his heart was in it. Needless to say, if you have a child who loves STEM learning then they will have FUN taking this course.

Learn More About Innovators Tribe

Innovators Tribe
You can learn more about Innovators Tribe by visiting their website. I highly recommend you check out their other two courses. Their Thinking Like an Architect course is one my oldest daughter and I want to take. The Thinking Like a Carpenter is one my youngest son wants to take.

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Which one of the Innovators Tribe courses do you think your kids would enjoy taking the most?


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