My husband and I have been eagerly wanting to watch Hunter Killer since the first time we saw the preview of it! Then we were given the chance to prescreen this movie thanks to Regal Cinema’s partnership with Gofobo. My son and I went to see it last night. I had forgotten what the previews stated about this movie! I just remembered I wanted to see it!

About Hunter Killer

Hunter Killer is not what you are expecting. Read this review before you disregard watching it!
Submarine Captain Joe Glass ( Gerard Butler) is seeking to help his fellow U.S. submariners that are lost in the Arctic Ocean. What he finds changes everything! He has to make decisions that may cost him his career and the lives of his crew. However, he chooses to stick to his guns and hold faith throughout the whole movie.

My Review

When I started watching this movie, I wasn’t overly impressed! I thought it was another boring war movie. I knew that I agreed to give it an honest opinion, so I kept watching it. I’m GLAD that I did because this movie made up for its slow start. This movie is an excellent reminder that we all have a mission in our lives! It also serves as a reminder of how one person’s actions can drastically change everything around them. Had this captain in this movie made a different decision, then a full fledged war would have started.

Many times, in life we see how anger and rash decisions can have a negative impact! Yet, we don’t think about the bigger picture and how it expands beyond ourselves. Throughout the Killer Hunter movie, you see where there are many people who were quick to draw their swords and attack without evening knowing the full facts. Yet, there were a few wise people, who were willing to take the stand and get the others to slow down. Luckily, in this case, they were the ones who held the power.

How often do we see people who are in power make rash and damaging decisions in our world?

It seems to be happening more regularly all around us. We live in a world where people are quick to suspect the worst of people. I have been known to do the same thing with others too. This movie was a solid reminder for me too!

It was clear in the movie who the truly wise ones were! The ones who were ready to strike did admit they were wrong. To me that said volumes!

I think this is a movie worth watching! I certainly feel that our kids in our society need to see it because it may help them to remember to look at the bigger picture rather than one side of a situation.

Are you planning on watching this movie?

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