Throwing a baby shower for someone you love can feel like a pressured task. After all, this is possibly the last hurrah the mother-to-be is going to have before welcoming her baby into the world (whether it’s her first child or her fifth) so you’ll want to create lasting memories she can cherish.

A baby shower is a momentous occasion for an expectant mother, but you’ll also want it to be fun and enjoyable for the guests. Luckily, we’ve put together four tips to help you throw an entertaining baby shower that everyone will love.

Provide Refreshments That People Want

Unless your baby shower takes place at lunch or dinnertime, it doesn’t make sense to serve a full meal. However, people will always want something to eat at a party, so you should offer food of some sort. Mini sandwiches and pots of tea might look cute, but they are hard for people to get excited over. Instead, think about the time, length and budget of your shower and plan your menu accordingly. If you’re stuck for ideas, offer foods that you know your guests will love, such as tacos, bowls of chips and dips, or pizza.

As far as drinks are concerned, it may not seem appropriate to serve alcohol when the guest of honor can’t drink it, but you could always offer Babycham or mimosas as a compromise. Don’t forget to wow the mother-to-be with a non-alcoholic cocktail to sip on, so she doesn’t feel left out.

Play Party Games

Nothing livens up a get-together like an old-fashioned party game. You could opt for charades or Pictionary to keep it simple, but these games tend to get dull quite quickly. To keep guests entertained, organize games that get everyone involved. You can download free printable baby shower games online to bring some fun and entertainment to the party, such as Parent Trivia, What’s In Your Diaper Bag and Baby Bingo. Once you figure out how the pregnancy wheel works you can then place friendly bets on when you think the baby will actually arrive. The games will provide some excellent photo opportunities, so make sure you have your smartphone or camera handy, so you can capture every moment.

Throwing a baby shower doesn't have to be difficult. Here are simple tips to put into place. Do you have more tips to add to this list?

Choose a Creative Theme

Although the baby shower is primarily for the parents-to-be, that doesn’t mean you have to stick too rigidly to the “baby” theme. (Check out this Beyoncé-themed baby shower!) If you want to stick to a baby theme without being too traditional, get inventive and play around with the color scheme. Veer away from pinks, blues, and pastels and choose more original color combinations, such as black and gold or lots of bright, cheery shades together.

Choose a theme early on and the use it to plan your favors, invitations, and decorations. Certain situations may call for different themes, such as office baby showers and showers for adopted children, but all children being welcomed into the world (or into a family) deserve celebrating. Think about the guest you’ve invited – are they all moms, or are dads and children invited too? And then plan your theme around your invitees.

Organize Group Activities

Group activities are often planned for bachelorette dos, so why not baby showers? Fun, creative pursuits like decorating baby onesies or making a scrapbook provide great bonding opportunities and help to get everyone involved in the pre-baby celebration. Plus, with any luck, you’ll end up with some creations that the parents-to-be can either use or cherish as souvenirs of the occasion.