When it comes to stress relief, adults are always looking for new ways to let loose tension. Sometimes that’s involved sweating copiously. Sometimes it suggests the opposite—mediation. But there’s a new method to stress relief that’s exploded in popularity: adult coloring books.

Adult coloring books are just what they say they are—pages and pages of forms and lines and shapes that allow adults to meditatively add color, pattern, texture, and more. One of the tools that many adults rely on is gel coloring pens. These is especially vibrant in color and enable more sophisticated skills than some ordinary markers and other tools.

Color like a boss with these artistic tips and tricks to enhance your adult coloring hobby. This will help you to create artwork that you want to share.

Plus gel coloring pens can be combined with paintbrushes, erasers, and cotton swabs for even more unique effects on the coloring pages. What’s great is that the stress relief is accompanied by a creative pursuit that results in a project to be reviewed and shared.

For more ideas on adult coloring and gel pens, use the tips in this graphic.

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