Jewelry is often valuable, but when that jewelry is your engagement ring, the value is more than just the amount of money invested in it. There is the sentiment behind it, the meaning of the sparkly object that you have been wearing on your finger and you have, on more than one occasion, showing off to your family and friends. It is a symbol of your and your fiancé’s promise to each other, the promise that takes you one step closer to the road to forever.

But what happens when you lose your engagement ring? The horror of finding out that it is no longer where you have last placed it will give way to sheer panic. Frantically, you will be looking for it, turning the place upside down. The despair and the regret will come last as you discover that it can never be recovered.

Good thing there are precautions that you can take to ensure you never have to deal with the horror of losing your engagement ring.

Tips How Not to Lose Your Engagement Ring

Losing an engagement ring is not something you want to happen. Be sure to follow these tips to know how to not lose your engagement ring.

Make Sure the Ring Fits Perfectly

One of the usual reasons many lose their rings, whether expensive or affordable, is that the rings are loose. To avoid that, it is important for you to ensure that you buy a diamond ring that is the right size and fits your finger properly.

Of course, sometimes it is beyond your control. Your ring may be a gift from your mother or a surprise from your husband. It is possible to get your wrong ring size.

There is, however, a simple solution to that dilemma. If your ring is too tight or too loose, you can always visit your jeweler. Most jewelers have complimentary ring sizing, which you can certainly take advantage of.

Just remember to go to the jeweler for resizing in the middle of the day. Going there in the mornings can mean your ring size may be larger than normal since the human body retains a lot of water upon waking up. The best time to have your ring properly resized is during midday.

Designate a Proper Storage

Losing an engagement ring is not something you want to happen. Be sure to follow these tips to know how to not lose your engagement ring.

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It is easy to lose your things when you just put them anywhere. The same is true with your ring. When you are doing household chores that require you to take off the ring, it is advisable to place it somewhere safe and easily found.

Better yet, designate a proper storage space for your engagement ring. You can choose your bedside for it, but make sure that you have a handy ring holder. A ring is not that big, and when it is misplaced, it is harder to find than your favorite sweater.

Ring holders come in many forms. There are elaborate designs that are pretty to look at, and many others are simple but practical.  

Do Not Wear It During Strenuous Activities

With your many responsibilities at home, it is not surprising that you have to take your ring on and off. Washing the dishes, cooking, and doing the laundry usually, compel you to take off your ring and put it in a safe place. It is the best thing to do, after all.

You have to make it a point not to wear your ring during strenuous activities like running, swimming, or playing tennis as well. You will be surprised how many people have lost their engagement rings because they slathered on sunscreen lotion and went swimming.


Avoid Bringing It on Your Travels

If you are going somewhere that involves a lot of traveling, it is better to be safe than sorry. Crowded terminals and busy streets can be a catalyst for the loss of your ring. Plus, you may be tempted to take it off in public and forget where you have put it. Worse, you can also get mugged.

Take Care of Your Ring Properly

Proper measures to care for your ring is essential. You should know how to handle them properly in order to avoid incurring damage. Stones can fall off when you accidentally hit your ring against a hard surface.

Treating it with harsh chemicals can also destroy porous stones and dull the metal. Knowing how to take care of your rings can pay off in the long run as this will spare you the heartbreak of losing it.


Engagement rings are precious, both as a symbol and a valuable jewelry. It is truly upsetting to lose it by neglect or ignorance. But since this kind of incident is not entirely avoidable, you can always find a way to replace what you lost.

There is the choice of shopping with your husband for a new engagement ring during your anniversary. This will give you the chance to create more memories with the newer ring