Every year our homeschooling sections have changed. We have finally after eight years of doing this gained the perfect set up. We took a storage building from Old Hickory Buildings, LLC and upgraded it.


Homeschool Room For 2017-2018: Look here to see what this was transformed into.

This is a 12 by 24 building. We took 12 by 10 of it for our classroom. The rest of it is a bathroom so that the kids don't have a way to get sidetracked when they need a bathroom break. We are still working on the bathroom portion of it otherwise, I'd show you pictures of it too.


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We still plan on painting the walls, but it will be a while. I still have to pick out the color I want and we have to get the funds to.

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I'd love to see your homeschool room.

If you don't have one, I'd love to see your homeschool dream inspirations. (Again, this was an eight year in the making project.