As much as I love Connections Academy, there are still plenty of times that I like to use outside resources to enhance my kids learning experience. That’s is why I’m so glad that we were given the chance to review the yearly membership. Usually, that happens when I see my kids struggling with learning a new concept and they need additional help NOW! The CHSH Download Club is filled with so many resources that you truly don’t need to go hunting anywhere else for additional products and connections to help you. You can get the additional supplemental curriculum you need with a few clicks of the most.

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Homeschool Resource That Will Make Your Life Easier

This download club has well over 50,000 resources for every age group from the preschooler in of your homeschool family to YOU! There are download packets for almost every subject under the sun from Bible studies, Language Arts, Math, and History and everything else in between. There are even fun resources such as colored pages.

Just check out this partial list: Groups

I personally love the fact that I can find everything I need to make my homeschooling journey easier right here. There is an active forum full of resources and connections ready to help you. There are even groups so you can find like-minded people for particular topics including pen pals, lovers of freebies, to recipes and a whole slew of other groups. What’s nice about the groups is they have a low amount of members so you can truly build lasting relationships with the members involved.

My Favorite Resource

September Writing Prompt JournalWriting is not one of the subjects that I’m managing to teach my kids with ease. (That’s actually quite ironic since I love to write and have since I was around 9 years old.) However, there is a long list of resources to help my 4th and 7th grader enhance their writing skills. Since I’m trying to get my boys to write more, I’m working on them writing in journal entries. has writing prompts for every month for every day.

Awarding My Kids

I love to be able to reward my kids for doing well on their school work and other areas of their lives. There are several different types of awards that I can print off to give to my kid. Delbert just had his reading assessment call with his teacher this past Friday, and he is FINALLY reading up to his grade level after struggling to get there for many years (I’ll be sharing about a product that really helped us get there soon.) I couldn’t wait to use this Reading Award. Reading Award


Preschool Curriculum Calendar Materials

One of the top questions I get asked a lot is what do I use with Zeva for her Preschool work. Guess what, EVERYTHING thing she needs to be ready for Kindergarten is available with this subscription. She learns about herself & family, fine motor skills, handwriting, numbers, alphabet, colors, and so much more through this site. There are e-books, lapbooks, and loads of worksheets for her to do. Calendar Zeva


I bet you’re thinking that this is going to cost an arm and a leg. WRONG!! This wonderful program only costs $25.00 annually or $99 for a lifetime membership. It will benefit the entire family in more ways than one. Plus, there are loads of resources available for you for FREE!! Be sure and check it out!

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The CHSH crew is very active across many social media channels. They provide a wide range of valuable bits of information on them that are not always related to what they have to offer too. They are very good about spreading the social love!

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