There are MANY ways to homeschool our kids. There isn’t a one size fits all mentality either. Finding the homeschool method that is going to work for your family can take some time and maybe even some trial and error. For our home, we have chosen to go with using Connections Academy, which is an online public school. However, for your home, you may decide to choose parent led homeschool method. There are several differences between the two.

Parent Led Homeschool

In the parent led homeschool system, the parent decides EVERYTHING! The parent is responsible for creating the homeschool schedule, the organization of record keeping and supplies, the curriculum used, and everything else in between. The parent also carries the burden of teaching the kids on their own.

Many parents chose this option because they don’t want the government to have anything to do with how their child is educated. They also want to be in control 100% with what their child learns. They may also need to have more flexibility than other options provide.

For some, this can quickly become a costly option. If you do research though, you can practically teach everything for FREE as well. This option can also lead to being a time-consuming process.

Online Public School

The online public school option is a whole different ball game. With Connections Academy, THEY provide EVERYTHING. The school provides us the curriculum and supplies needed to teach our kids. They keep up with the records that are needed per the state laws. They have teachers that teach our kids the information. Parents are primarily responsible for ensuring that our kids get the work done and record the hours they spent on the working.

We do have a bit of flexibility with our schedules. Our school week runs from Sunday to Sunday and we are expected to have their work done for the week done in that timeframe. We are able to take days off according to the school schedule or we can rearrange it ourselves as needed. The kids are asked to attend live lectures online four days a week with their teachers, but we can watch recordings of them later if needed.

We help our kids when they are struggling to learn new concepts. I personally choose to actually teach my kids all the material given to us. It’s nice to know if I can’t do that there are lectures we can revert back to. The teachers are available via phone/email should we need further assistance. It’s beneficial to have the ability to tell my kids that their teachers are expecting them to get their work done. If they don’t, then they see the impact it has on their grades.

There are also field trips that are arranged through the school. These trips provide my kids with the chance to MEET the kids they’ve been chatting with during classes online.

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Food for Thought

There was a fellow blogger who wrote a post that stated basically that because I have decided to use the online public school system that I’m NOT actually homeschooling my kids. She made some very valid points that there is some pretty big difference between the two. Yet, I disagree with her because I AM HOMESCHOOLING them just in a different manner than her.

However, I also feel that I’m still in charge of making sure my kids obtain a quality education. It is our job as their parent to ensure they finish their work for the week.  I also have to make sure they have the time and space to get their work done.

Since I am a part of the Homeschool Review Crew, I add supplemental curriculum into our lesson plans. I take advantage of many of the FREE online homeschool resources across the web.

Which Homeschool Method Should You Choose?

I think whatever you use for your kids should be dependent on your beliefs and desires. Regardless, we are still on this homeschooling journey together. It’s an exciting, exhausting, and enlightening experience to say the least. I don’t feel that any other homeschooler should discount what we do as a homeschooler because we are using different methods. In many cases, there tends to be a good chunk of overlap between the vast majority of homeschooling methods available.

If you’re still on the fence about homeschooling in the first place be sure to read my post on Why You Should Consider Homeschooling.

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Which homeschool method do you think your family would like best, parent led or online public school? 


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