If you are stuck for hobbies in life, maybe it’s time to shake your life up. We all feel that sense of mundanity in life from time to time, and this is why it’s important for us to break out of our dull, daily routines. An adventure vacation is one of those things that may sound a little intimidating, but there are so many different ways for you to see the world and to get out of your comfort zone. here are a few suggestions.

Skiing Vacation

It’s a great way to get exercise, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to see the Swiss Alps or a beautiful mountainous range. For the novice skier, or even someone who hasn’t skied before, it can be quite intimidating, even the choice of skis are too many for the amateur. the Black Crows Atris skis are a popular brand right now among professional skiers, but it’s always a good idea to ask a professional skier for their own personal opinion. As far as exercise, beautiful sites, and the opportunity to relax is concerned, a skiing vacation is hard to beat.

Cliff Jumping

If you looking for something a bit more adrenaline-fueled, cliff jumping is something that can be done anywhere. There are places all over the world where you can do this, but it’s best to look for the areas recommended by people who are well seasoned in this. Rick’s Cafe in Negril, Jamaica is one place where you can watch other people do it. But if you are looking for this extreme challenge, try Palawan in the Philippines. It may sound like an extreme sport, but if you get a taste for it, this is a perfect way to wake up in the morning and to get your heart pumping.

Want To Get The Heart Pumping? Here Are Some Adventure Vacation Ideas

Being A Jet Pilot

You don’t have to have a licence to fly a fighter jet. There are companies that allow the public to fly a Hawker Hunter, or an L- 39 Albatross for a day. So if you’re looking for a way to get up in the sky and be that daredevil, get in a fighter jet and fly miles into the sky; it’s like nothing else (check the video below for a taste)!


Have you heard of this? It’s a giant inflatable ball, you head up to the top of the hill, climb in, and roll down! There’s nothing like zorbing to bring the inner child out, and there are so many places in the world you can do this, that you don’t even need to go on vacation!


Kayaking is one of those adventures that is great for the novice, but if you’re looking to push it a bit further, why don’t you try kayaking down a waterfall? It’s certainly a way to get the heart beating, and you can do this as part of a discovery tour of Antarctica.

There are adventures for everybody out there, it’s all about picking the right one for you! So if you’re looking to shake up your life, try one of these.