Despite all of the pain and suffering I’ve had in my life, I’ve had many happy days in my life too. I know you don’t hear me talk about them that much because life has handed me many hardships. However, I wanted to ensure you knew as much about me as I could tell you before time ran out.

The first happiest day of my life was the day that Del and I decided to date each other. I knew I had strong feelings for Del because the first time I met him, I had chills go throughout my entire body. Looking into his blue eyes was like looking into my soul. The first time he kissed me I knew I was where I was meant to be.

The Christmas I signed Tripp’s papers stating that he was mine and no one could force me to get rid of him was a pretty powerful day. Tripp was the first horse that I picked out that I wanted for myself. He was 18 months old when I got him. He helped me overcome much of the pain I suffered throughout my life. I got through my teen years thanks to his companionship. The bond between a horse and their owner is hard to describe, but it can transform a person in so many ways! To this day, I still say that equine therapy is the best kind of therapy there is for any horse lover.

Happiness means different things for everyone. Here I've shared some of my happiest days. I'd be delighted to hear some of yours too.

The day that every one of my kids was born changed in me in some fashion or another. When my son was born it was like a dream come true because I dreamed of having Del’s son since I was 13 years old. Then when Zeva came along that was a miracle birth and I knew I was completely thrilled with having her as my final child.

The day I officially adopted Jimmy was a blessing and a desire I wanted to be fulfilled from the time I found out he existed. I knew he was meant to be my child even before he was born. When it became official, it was breathtakingly sweet for me.

I must admit the happiest day of my life thus far is the day I married my husband. I waited for fifteen years to be his wife. I am to blame for why it took so long to happen in the first place.

However, I wanted the fantasy tale. I wanted him to come demand to be with him despite my parent’s protests. Hence, why I love the Return of the Man from Snowy River movie so much! I wanted Del to come back and get me. I wanted him to help me have the nerve to fight against my mom’s rejections despite my own objections.

Life doesn’t have a way of really turning out the way you anticipate it happening. You never know what joys and hurts it will give you. So, I applaud you to see the happy moments in each day you’re given. While all of these days are quite big monumental days in my life, I can honestly say there has been some form of a happy moment in each of my days.

I have learned that true happiness comes when you appreciate all of the little moments in life that make it grand.

Some of the little moments in life include when you:

  • can find excitement over just being in someone’s arms or being around them
  • get to drink a glass of wine and chat over the everyday milestones in your life with your best friend
  • your kids smile brightly over learning a new subject or conquered something new in their games, or they discovered something new on their own
  • get showered with hugs and kisses and I love yous all throughout the day
  • reached a new goal and surpassed your own expectations
  • see a breathtaking sunset or view across an open field
  • feel the wind coursing through your veins as you ride a horse, motorcycle, or four-wheeler
  • stop letting fear stand in the way of you getting/doing what you know you want to do.

This list could go on for days and miles. However, the bottom line is each day brings with it its own set of happy moments. We should take the time to treasure them. I love the idea of creating a memory jar for each year because then you’ve taken the time to celebrate the 365 wonderful things that have happened each year.

What are some of the happiest days of your life?


Note: This is Day 1 of a 365 journal entry.