Although you might be dreading it, the time has come to host your first evening soiree. It’s your turn to invite people over to your pad to serve up some amazing culinary masterpieces, ensure the drinks remain flowing and provide the ideal ambiance in which people can have a good time. Dinner parties might not be your thing, but you’ve been to a few that your nearest and dearest have hosted, and now it’s your turn to return the favor. You’re up for it, but you don’t have a clue where to start. You have no idea how to make a canopy, and you don’t even know how to pronounce hor ‘d oeuvres. Don’t worry. Take a look at these simple strategies to ensure that your first foray into dinner parties is remembered as legendary.

Follow A Recipe And Practice

There’s absolutely no shame in grabbing a cookery book and choosing the most simple recipe to follow if it tastes good. If you’re putting on a more formal affair, the chances are you need to provide at least three courses, so you need to hunt for a light starter, a complementary main and a simple dessert. By following this pattern, you can be sure of a well-balanced menu. No one wants a heavy thick soup, followed by an Indian curry and then a traditional English crumble. The combination is odd and could even be unpalatable for your guests.

Practice the menu a couple of times before you host otherwise you may be panic-stricken come the actual day, and it gives you a chance to iron out any problems beforehand. If money is a little tight, opt for cheaper cuts of meat, a salad starter, and a small yet decadent dessert to end the evening.

Hosting a dinner party doesn't have to be overly complex. Here are some simple tips to make your next dinner party a huge success with little effort.

Hosting Skills

As a host, you need to look the part. It won’t do if you pop out of the kitchen every ten minutes to chat to your guests with your apron still adorning your frame alongside your big animal feet slippers. Take yourself off to a salon, coif your hair and have a manicure. For styling, inspiration click here to see a range of current and on-trend styles for your tresses. You don’t have to go radical or do anything dramatic; a simple trim and a spot of pampering can boost your confidence and make you fit into the host shoes more naturally.

As a host you need to ensure that everyone’s glasses are topped up at all times, guests feel comfortable to pop to the loo as they need and you want them to love your food enough to ask for seconds. By creating a relaxed and laid back evening, your guests can unwind and chill out in your home. This is the essence of the perfect host.

Hosting a dinner party doesn't have to be overly complex. Here are some simple tips to make your next dinner party a huge success with little effort.

The Table

You may choose to host a formal dinner party. Traditionally you should have a seating plan of boy girl boy girl as far as your guest list will allow. You could implement a dress code and have a monochrome tuxedo and little black dress sort of an evening. However, you might want to shun the formalities and opt for a more modern affair.

Many people are now choosing to host their soirees in an al fresco setting. With a range of outdoor heaters and awnings, back garden areas are becoming an extension of the home. There’s nothing better on a chilly evening than sitting outside with friends, eating good food, drinking delicious wine and staying warm under a heater.

Alternatively, you may wish to forego the whole concept of three courses and a table altogether. Your gathering could be super relaxed with the courses coming out buffet style. With a central hub, your guests could help themselves to your gourmet one-pot wonders and enjoy sampling the delights of your culinary prowess. One pot wonders can also take the pressure off you when it comes to cooking and preparing the meal and being forced to spend time away from your guests. As a host, your pals will want to spend as much time in your company as possible so you can’t leave them twiddling their thumbs or getting hungry.

Even though you haven’t hosted a dinner party before, this doesn’t mean your first foray into the world of cooking for other people can’t be successful. By following this advice, you will provide the perfect setting, ambiance, food, and company for your friends to enjoy. The only problem is, if your dinner party is too exceptional, you might find yourself hosting soirees a little more often than you might like!