Being a stay at home mom can be difficult. You are with your children all the time, dealing with their every need. It’s a job that never ends. It can be lonely, stressful and tough. But, it’s also great. You don’t need to worry about childcare or finding flexible work, you don’t miss any of your children’s early years, and you get to thrive as a mother. Online study allows you to continue life with these benefits while adding those of its own. Here are some of the best reasons for moms to try online study.

To Become a Role Model

Having your children, who are approaching school age, seeing mommy studying could significantly influence them to do well in school themselves. They’ll watch you learn and be excited to do the same. You could even sit and do homework together.

To Start Your Own Business

Many women chose not to return to work in the jobs they had before having children, often because of a lack of flexibility. But that doesn’t mean you can’t earn money. Starting your own business or working online is a very real possibility for many mothers and an online degree could help you get there. Some great options for degrees that could help you in business include marketing, an MBA or masters of accounting.


Great Reasons for Stay at Home Moms to Turn to Online Study

To Get Some Me Time

Being a mom can be all-consuming and on some occasions overwhelming. It’s important for our physical and mental health that we take some time out to relax or do something for us occasionally. Studying an online course is a great way to make the best use of your time alone and a wonderful excuse to get more of it.

To Learn

Many people find that as they get older, their outlook changes, and they miss learning. We often don’t make the most of our education and the opportunities to learn that we have when we are younger and then regret it in later life. Instead of living with regret do something about it. Study an online course and rediscover a passion for learning. If you are considering an online study program, an online masters of accounting from Maryville University could be a great option, which could lead to a bright and exciting future.


If you are tempted to study, an online course is often the best option for moms and those with other responsibilities. Online study allows you to work flexibly around your family life. You can study at times that suit you, at your own pace, and to meet your needs without being tied to a timetable and course plan.

To Have Fun

You might find you enjoy studying online. It’s a great way not only to learn but to meet new people, make new connections, build a support network, acquire new skills such as organization, and to boost your confidence and self-esteem, which can take a knock after having children. Many people enjoy further education and go on to seek more through courses and training programs once they have graduated.

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