The products a woman uses on her period is probably one of the most personal things you can find out about them. I am not 100% confident with sharing this information with you, but yet at the same time it is my hope that it may shed some light on how parents and teenage girls can have a “Period Struggle.”

A Bit of Background First

I had to go to the doctor due to SEVERE (knock me on my behind –feel like I’m going to have another child—kind of pain.) I knew my hormones were out of whack because I hadn’t had a period in so long. I FINALLY couldn’t take the pain anymore. I HAD to go see a doctor. When I did go see my new wonderful doctor, she was concerned about a wide range of things. So, I’ve undergone a series of tests. Those tests have led us to have to do more tests at the end of this month. I’m praying that it’s nothing more severe than what I think it may be. Regardless, I know we’ll deal with it. Life throws you lemons, it’s always best to catch them and make lemonade.

Sometimes we all need a bit of "girl talk" to talk about things we normally wouldn't discuss. Today, I've shared about a personal experience of mine. I hope it helps you out in some way. If not you, then maybe your teenage daughter.

The Period Doozy

Anyways, my period started like she promised it would, and like she promised it is a doozy. I had a whole bag of my PERFECT kind of pad, but low and behold a whole bag didn’t last nearly as long as I had hoped it would. To be honest, I was SCARED to go to the store because of getting FULLY embarrassed by the fact that I couldn’t ensure I wouldn’t have a royal mess on my hands. Not to mention, I was concerned about how weak I felt and driving there and back.

My loving husband recruits my mother-in-law who in turn recruits my father-in-law into buying my PERFECT pad for me. I sent them a PICTURE of my pad to their cell phones.


My father-in-law had to ask a representative at Walmart (THE ONLY STORE IN TOWN THAT CARRIES THEM.) She looked with him and Walmart was COMPLETELY OUT! So, bless my father-in-law’s heart he took her suggestion to get me a different kind of pad. Which, it worked BUT ONLY to a degree!

My Reaction to The Substitute

When I got the pads, I was so disappointed to see that he didn’t get the right kind. The kind he gave me were missing my BIG BUTT coverage and the wings to hold the pad in place. My husband and my kids were picking on me about it BIG time!! They were literally walking around the house using their hands to make wings by their behinds and saying “My butt needs wings to fly.” (It was all said in good fun.)

However, my husband got to see first-hand the difference a kind of pad makes in helping me to stay protected against major messes. The very next day when I wasn’t feeling quite as weak he made certain I went and got my perfect pad. He had me take Delbert with me. Delbert is nine years old, and on that day he truly showed his age. When we got the pad section and he saw the shelf FRESHLY stocked full of my pads, he said quite loudly, “There’s your butt flying pads for you, mommy.” I guess he helped me get over my embarrassment over the kind of pad I use. I told him, “Great now you know what kind I need so when I send you to the store to get them for me when you’re older you can’t say you don’t know what kind to get.”

When I was at Walmart another man was asking for help finding the pad his wife requested. He was equally embarrassed that he had to ask.

Always Maxi Overnight Extra Heavy Flow is made for big behind women with thighs that rub together. (I had this issue even when I was thinner, and due to being allergic to tampons, I have to use a particular kind of pad.) When Always came out with this kind of pad, it totally changed everything for me! I had a lot fewer messes and embarrassing situations.

Why Is Talking About Our Periods Important?

I know this is a topic that many women have a heck of a time talking to their teenage girls about. As a result, I shared the above with you. In hopes that it may help make the topic easier to bring up with your teenager.

Not all pads are made the same because each girl needs different things. Yes, the other pad provided protection, but not in the areas that I need it the most. Plus, as I shifted it did too due to how my body is shaped.

Considering my mom was built totally different than me, she didn’t understand that concept. It led to many wars because she couldn’t understand that I wasn’t intentionally being neglectful. I even wore three pads at one time in a big I shape, but that is a very uncomfortable way to wear them. Plus, it’s not cost effective too when you have to change pads every 30 minutes. Always coming out with these new pads have been a blessing for me.

Let’s not forget that every girl has a different kind of period. Some last for a few days’ others may last for up to two weeks. Some girls barely have much blood to deal with while others have gushing waterfalls of it at a time for extended periods of time.

We need to have these heart to heart talks with our girls not only before they have a period, but also when they start having them. It’s also equally as important to talk to them about their cycles and being regular. This also helps with bringing up the important topic of sex too.

Often times, some parents think their teenagers need them less, when in reality they may need you more. These years are our final chances to motivate our teenagers to make the most of their lives while they are young enough to do it.

I hope this didn’t embarrass you or make you think less of me for sharing this. However, I know several parents of teens who are struggling to make the period battles go away. I think it may be a case of lack of being able to openly talk about this issue.

Joining Together

As women, I think we should be able to talk about our periods openly. I also think we should be able to talk about other things too without fear of judgment or embarrassment. After all, these are things we deal with as a part of being a woman.

There will probably be other topics that I’ll talk about that may be uncomfortable or will help you to talk to your own kids about because you can use my posts as icebreakers. As always, it is my hope that these posts enhance your life in some way.

I invite you to share your own period stories with us. You never know it may help a teenager or another woman know they aren’t alone or that they could handle it differently and save themselves those awkward moments.



P.S. This is NOT a sponsored post at all nor does Always have anything to do with me posting this blog post!