We are all encouraged to live in the here and now. Making the most of the present day and doing what we can. But we are also a little guilty of expecting things to just fall into place at times, and obviously, the future can fall into that category. When was the last time you made plans for the later years in your life or thought about what you might do with your time? Do you have future goals? For now, next year, five years from now, maybe ten? I wanted to share with you four things to think about when it comes to living your life in the future.

Retirement is not something you need to only think about when the time comes. You need prepare for it now! Here are some tips to help you prepare.


Getting to the point where you can retire

Have you sat back and thought about retirement? Many people avoid thinking about it as it can seem like so far in advance, but we can all agree that time can move very quickly in terms of the years, and before we know it we are going to reach this point in our lives. Have you thought about how to retire early? About the age you might want to do it, or at what stage of your life you might be in? Take some time to consider your options and have a goal in mind for when you might want to start your retirement period. You may be able to consider it sooner than you realize.

The boring bit, how do you plan on financing the future?

The next thing to think about would be how you plan on funding those later years in life. This can be a difficult thing to understand, as there are many ways you can start to prepare for your retirement period now. Pensions are a great way to build up some funds for when you retire that you can then draw down from. You might want to invest some money now in longer-term savings options or investment plans. This could become very lucrative over time. Finally, the property is also a great investment and is something about the future that you can work towards right now that could considerably pay off in terms of value.

The fun bit, what are your future goals and aspirations?

You do need to think about how you might want to spend your future from time to time and this can actually be a nice thought and goal to have. Perhaps you have a bucket list, where you plan on ticking off those destinations once and for all. Maybe you have some hobbies you would like to start again in retirement, or you need some time for yourself so you plan on starting a hobby in the near future. Future goals can mean things in the short term, perhaps running a marathon next year or getting fit and healthy in general. Making goals gives you the motivation to work towards them every day.

Life changing plans

The future doesn’t always need to be referred to as that long distance destination of retirement or old age. The future is tomorrow, the future is next week, next month and next year. We make life-changing choices and that can include finding a partner and settling down, it can include starting a family and having a baby, and it can even mean career changes, starting your own business or working for yourself. Life changing plans can be made, changed and flipped on their head, but they will always be exciting milestones to reach.

I hope that these things have given you something to think about when it comes to your future

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