It seems to me that our summers keep getting hotter with each passing year. Finding ways to keep the kids and myself entertained over summer without burning up becomes quite an adventure in itself. I’m always on the hunt to find ways to stay cool without a lot of expense or maintenance. I figured you may be wanting to have some fun too. I decided to share my Water Day idea with you. If we can get our kids outside and off their technology to focus on family and friends that are added benefits, right?

Water Day Ideas

Fun Family Soak Inducing Water Day Ideas will help you make lasting memories with your family and friends while staying cool on those hot days.

Apple Bobbing – This is a game that I remember most as a kid.

Supplies Needed:

Big bin or tub


bag of apples

blindfold of some kind (bandana or eye mask)

How to Play: (Recommended for people ages 4 and up.)

Fill your bin up with water and your bag of apples. Then have someone blindfold the person who is to bobbing for apples. The person blindfolded uses their mouth to catch apples. The person who catches the most wins.

Water Gun Fight With Homemade Guns

You can buy your own water guns or you can make your own water guns with PCV pipes. My kids remember making their own water guns as one of their favorite things they’ve done in their childhood. The good news is if they are made correctly they last for a long time.

Water Balloon Fights With Simple Balloons

Gone are the days when we have to fight to tie up a water balloon. Now we can just fill the water balloons up in around 60 seconds and they are already tied up. While you’re playing with water balloons be sure to check out these Water Balloon Games that you can play.

Water Slide Fun

Water sliding is as old as I am if not older. However, we have the ability to have fancy water slides at our own homes now without having to go to a water park.

Here are some choices for you:

Sprinklers Are Also Fun

I’m not a huge fan of sprinklers because to me they just tease me with the “idea” of getting wet. However, they are fun for the kids.

Just like slides, we can have fancy sprinklers in our yard too.

Here are some ideas:

If none of these ideas appeal to you then you can make your own DIY Pool Noodle Sprinkler.

Get The Treasure

You can also freeze some items in buckets. Give your kids some tools to break free the items. This will take a bit of time depending on how hot it is outside.

Rainbow Ice Cube Painting

I love this idea that Stacy that Things to Share and Remember! She gives a full tutorial on how to make Rainbow Ice Cube Painting.

Visit the Local River

If you don’t want to create a water park like setting at home, you can always go visit your local river. I highly recommend getting on an inner tube and riding down a river. It’s an experience you’ll always remember. Plus, it’s a lot of fun. I don’t recommend doing it alone.

As you can see, there’s still plenty of ways to stay cool and have fun. These are all memory making things to do together as a family. Many of these things can be used for birthday parties, neighborhood parties, or just a fun family water day.

Talk to me in the comments, please:

What are some other water day activities I didn’t think about?