When it comes to homeschooling a child, there’s a chance they won’t be able to interact in the same way with the outside world. This doesn’t make them lonely. However, the usual curriculum that works in a school setting is different to one in a home, and so field trips can be a rare occurrence. Wherever a child learns new things need to have relevance to the outside world, so by including a field trip in your lessons for a week is a great way of teaching them some life skills they wouldn’t get anywhere else. Below are a few ideas on incorporating field trips into homeschooled lessons that aren’t too flashy or expensive.

Field Trips That Are Perfect For A Homeschooled Child

Go to the Theatre

Both adult and child alike will enjoy a theatre tour. You can go to the theatre to see a performance of a play you have been studying, or to see dramatic techniques, or only to visit the place. This will be a wonderful way to enrich a child’s cultural learning if you feel they lack in artistic or language areas. It prepares them well for a future in the dramatics. It can also open doors to volunteering workshops, and after-school clubs focused on the spoken word.

Visit a Site of Historical Significance

There’s history all around us no matter where we live. Take your homeschoolers out to see a castle or monument and have them make reports on what they see and why it’s historically significant. You can also include little treasure trails for an extra hint of fun, with little prizes near any information signs at the landmark. These can get a little pricey. However, some common historical landmarks or history clubs often have coupons available at DontPayFull.com. Feel free to take a look there if your child has a particular leaning towards the past. After all, we look behind us to learn the most from life.

Go Bug or Flower Collecting

Teaching your children about the outside world in a digital age isn’t a tricky feat. By taking them outside to spend time amongst nature, you can indulge their adventurous fantasies, and they’ll have plenty of room to run around.

Take some jars out with you the next time you go out and find some nifty looking bugs or pretty flowers, and collect them! Once they’re home, they can be drawn or written about by your kids. You can even teach them how to flowerpress and keep a journal of all the unique flowers they see when they go out.

It’s also a subtle way to include responsibility in your lessons by releasing bugs back into the wild and keeping safe when outside. Being surrounded by nature is a free experience and allows you the chance to better bask in the sun’s glorious warmth in a usually enclosed environment.

These are just a few quick ideas on what to do when it comes to finding the perfect field trip for a homeschool curriculum.

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