Summer is quickly fading away into fall. I have to ensure that our home is ready for the fall and winter months every year. What do you do to prepare for Fall? We all know about spring cleaning, but do we forget about Fall putaway? Getting ready for the fall and winter seasons isn’t overly time consuming, but it certainly saves you a bunch of heartache during the cold seasons.
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Fall Preparation for Home Readiness: 

Yard Readiness

  • I’m sure it’s common sense to mow the yard one final time, but I figured I better put it on the to-do list. While you’re mowing grass, look around your yard at trees that have loose limbs and branches that need to be trimmed off.
  • Make sure you take care of those limbs because you don’t want them falling on your house due to a heavy winter storm.
  • You also need to check for trees that may need to be cut down completely. I would also consider bagging up your lawn trimmings to go into the mulch you can make over the colder seasons.

Tool Readiness

  • Make sure you drain all gas powered tools of the gas into proper storage containers with the additive to make it last through the winter months.
  • Make sure you stock up on quality rakes and trash bags for easy leaf clean up.

What do you do to prepare for Fall? We all know about spring cleaning, but do we forget about Fall putaway? Get your FREE printable checklist here!


Home Readiness

Getting the home ready for Fall is vital to ensuring that you are well set for the chilling months ahead. Trust me when I say, you don’t want to forget to do these things for the consequences of not doing them can become quite costly and cause loads of discomfort for everyone.

  • Check water lines. This involves checking to make sure there are no leaks anywhere. Plus, you want to ensure that any outside lines are well covered and insulated to keep them from busting during below freezing weather.
  • Clean Gutters. You do this to keep them from getting filled up with leaves, snow, and even excess water and breaking off. 
  • Clean Roof. Technically, I could have combined this with gutters, but I’ve learned from working with other crews that sometimes you have to be specific with tasks that are needed to be finished. 
  • Prepare Attic. Make sure that your external vents are sealed off to keep the home warmer. 
  • Check Windows. Be sure that all windows are free from air leaks. If they have them either caulk them or replace with new windows. (Remember, if you invest in the right kind of storm windows that they can be tax deductible.) 

I decided to create a little Fall Preparation: Put Away Checklist for you to use. If you are new to owning a home I figured it would be a resource for you to have on hand. If you’re married, then it’s a great “honey to-do list” to give to your spouse. Regardless, how you use it, I hope it benefits you in some way.

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