After spending a massive part of your life looking after children, once they grow up and leave the family home it can be a bit of a strange feeling. You’ll always be a parent, but no longer do you have people relying on you- which many empty nesters can find makes them feel a little lost. But actually, this is the start of a fantastic new chapter. You can congratulate yourself for raising children into successful adults who are now able to navigate the world on their own, and you can focus on you again. You can start a whole new part of your life where you can do all of the things you wanted. Here are some ideas for making the most of the things.

Go Traveling

Is there a part of the world you’ve always wanted to see? You could either book a long vacation or you could go traveling for a few weeks or months. If this is something you always wanted to do but were busy raising a family, why not now? Chances are you’re well established financially so if you have savings put away this could be the perfect way to use them. It could be a partner, a friend, or just by yourself. Either way, it’s a wonderful experience and something you will never regret spending the money on. Have fun, learn about new cultures, meet people and just enjoy yourself.

Maintain Exercise, But Listen To Your Body

As we age, it’s normal for our bodies to slow down a bit. However, that doesn’t mean to say people can’t enjoy an active lifestyle when you’re a little older and your kids have grown up. Exercise is extremely important for both body and your mind, so it’s not something that should be given up as you age if anything you should be thinking of increasing your exercise. Low impact exercises are good choices, as these don’t put you at risk of injuries such as strains, tears or broken bones. Golf is one example of a low impact activity. Playing the sport encourages them to do plenty of walking, plus when you swing a golf club it exercises the arms, legs, and back. Swimming is another option for low impact exercise. It’s an activity which uses every muscle in the body, but uniquely it doesn’t put the strain on the joints since the water supports body weight. Swimming increases fitness levels since it works the cardiovascular system, and sculpts and tones the body too. Plus, while swimming is a great workout, it’s still fun too, certainly more so than running on a treadmill! Yoga is good for those of all fitness levels, it improves balance, strength, and flexibility.

Empty Nesters: Enjoying Life After Children

Find Hobbies You Enjoy

Hobbies are important for everyone, but as an empty nester, you will have more time on your hands, so you need something productive and fun to do to fill your free time. Indulge yourself in the things you love, after spending your life raising kids, now is the time for you to enjoy yourself. It could be baking, crafting, writing, a class, a sport- it could even be educational. If you study something that interests you it won’t feel like work, and as you’re a bit older you may be better equipped to deal with education than you were in your younger years. More hardworking, organized with time keeping skills are just a few examples. If you already have a degree, why not go on and study a master? You could do a master of education online or any other subject relating to your degree and interests. That way you can study from home, and it’s completely flexible.

Keep in Touch With Friends and Family

Just because your children have flown the nest doesn’t mean you can’t still be close. Make time to meet with loved ones and keep those social bonds strong. Plus, if you’re feeling lonely and isolated in a quiet home, just having a friend you can call for a chat or grab a coffee with can make life so much easier. If you’re feeling down or low that your children have finally grown up and moved out, having people to speak to about this is useful. After all, a problem shared is a problem halved.