Nothing ever quite goes to plan, and the holiday season is no exception. If you’re hosting a big family event this year, then chances are you’re going to be facing more than one dilemma. Whatever happens, though, you know this is one of the most important and one of the most special times of the year. You’ll get through it, and it will still be enjoyable for you and the family:

Guests of Guests

Inviting a guest over for the festive period is an act of generosity and consideration on your part. But when that guest invites a guest of their own along, this can raise a few issues. The first might be catering. Most of us tend to overestimate how much we will need, but extra guests can definitely be a strain. You can whip up extra food quickly and easily with crockpot recipes and simply freeze it if you don’t have extra guests arriving. The next problem is accommodation. Can you provide a bed and facilities for an unexpected overnight guest? Plan for it, just in case.

Don't Let These Dilemmas Ruin Christmas

Pests Gith Guests

Typically, that pest problem you hoped had gone away will be discovered by a guest before you ever notice it. Embarrassing, yes. Disastrous, no. Your pride might have suffered a blow, but you can grab yourself a free consultation with a pest specialist to get the situation back under control. If you think you might have one or two signs of a pest problem, get ahead of it by calling for that consultation before the holidays begin.


Indigestion isn’t just embarrassing, it can ruin the festive period. All that wonderful food looks so tempting, but your poor digestive system can’t handle any of it. Plan in advance for digestive dilemmas. Have some remedies ready to go. Drink a little extra water during the day and at mealtimes. Make sure you’re still getting enough fiber, and enjoy the treats a little at a time. Take your time with the heaviest meals, and make time for a post-meal walk.


Inappropriate humor can cause a lot of offence to some people even though that was never intended. There is nothing you can do about a joke gone bad. But you can help alleviate any tension between guests or family members. Keep plenty of games and activities to hand that can bring the family back together. Don’t be afraid to keep them apart either! We’ve all got family members that can loosen their tongues a little too much at times. Use two different rooms and set up refreshments and entertainments in each.


Don’t forget, taking care of everyone else can take it out of you. Make sure you get some rest to enjoy the holidays too. Don’t be afraid to use a caterer or easy-prep solutions for meals. Enjoy an extra hour in bed and let guests fend for themselves. Go on and put your feet up. There are plenty of other people to help tidy and clean up. Have a relaxing holiday period this year, regardless of the dilemmas you face.