I have always been an animal lover! Despite my love of animals in general, my favorite kinds of animals are horses and dogs. I have owned some pretty amazing dogs in my life. Today, I’d like to pay tribute to three main dogs I’ve owned that have all served a purpose in my life in honor of the movie A Dog’s Purpose that is hitting theaters January 27th.

I got my first puppy when I was four years old from a local cow farmer. He had a bunch of little Keeshond puppies. I got to pick one from the litter for my birthday present. It felt like forever before my birthday would come because I had her already picked out. She was nothing more than a big gray wolfish colored ball of fur. She grew up with me. We were two peas and a pod. She with me for all of my childhood adventures.

We won many awards at several dog shows due to the fact that she was superbly trained. She was allowed to go into stores and other local places with me because she listened to every command I gave her regardless as to whether or not I was within her sight.

She loved me with a complete and utter devotion. I felt the same way about her. When I got home from school she greeted me with loads of doggy love attention. She went with me on my horseback rides and played along the trails and all throughout the woods. She was never very far away.

One day we went to another town and she was in the back of the truck. We stopped at a red light and she must have thought we were at our destination and she jumped out without us noticing it. We ended up losing her for six months and went on a full on search for her consistently during that time frame. (This was BEFORE the Internet was so popular.) Luckily one day, she got stuck in a drain pipe and we were reunited. It took about a month for her to get over her trauma of being away from us, but then things went back to normal.

Shortly after things returned to normal, we were out riding our horses when we had a run in with a guy who was terrorizing me. Gun shots were fired and she literally jumped in the air to save my life. Unfortunately, it cost her life. Even though we were able to get her to a vet, it wasn’t in a timely manner.

Her purpose was pretty clear to me. She was to be my guardian throughout my younger years. I learned as much from her as she did from me. She taught me about loyalty, companionship, and responsibility. She will forever be my number one dog.

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It took until I was a grown adult, and death of my mother for me to fall in love with another dog that I couldn’t live without instantly like I did her. This time I was introduced to a beautiful female black and white Shih Tzu. She stole my heart before I even had a chance to hold her in my arms. My husband knew the look in my eyes all too well. He made darn sure she came home with us that day even though the owners were trying to hang on to her one more week since she was only 7 weeks old.

I got her when I was struggling with the death of my mother. It was actually almost two months to the date from when my mom passed that she was added to our family. She became my magnet. If you saw me, you saw her! She was glued to me with each step.

Unfortunately, her love for me was too intense when Zeva was born. She became so possessive of me that she began to harm Zeva. I asked for help and guidance on fixing the issue. My vet recommended finding her a new home because she wasn’t going to be easily broken of this nasty situation. With a broken heart, I found her a new loving home.

However, her time spent with me was not in vain. She helped to keep me from going into a spiraling downhill ride of depression. She was a wonderful friend to have.

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After many years of doing foster care for dogs, I have finally found my working side-kick. Spyro has his reigning position on my desk next to me as I work. There are many times when he’ll leave his comfortable bed and come curl up in my arms as I type and work. There are even times when he’ll curl up and lay his head on my shoulder and go to sleep. Like the other two dogs, he is with me anywhere he can get away with being by my side.

He is a sweetheart and well loved by everyone in our family. He has a heart of gold. He is a bundle of fun amusement when he decides to play. He truly can’t stand a vacuum, which was news to me. I had just got done saying he didn’t have a mean bone in his body, and then he was introduced to a vacuum and that statement was quickly removed.

I am not quite sure what his overall purpose is in my life other than to keep me company as I work long hours on making a new business grow. However, I’m sure in time I’ll learn what the overall purpose is for him being in my life like I did with my first two dogs. I pray, though, that I get to have him in my life for another full fifteen years because I don’t want to go through the heartache of losing another sidekick anytime soon.

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As you can tell, there has been some pretty outstanding canines in my life. When I saw the preview of the movie, A Dog’s Purpose, I knew it was going to be a movie that I had to see. I’m eager to see this movie when it launches. I do believe every dog serves a valuable purpose in their owner’s lives.

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