I have been studying Aviation History with Doctor Aviation. I got interested in aviation due to the fact that my oldest son has the desire to go into the Air Force. He has also had a strong love of planes since his Granddaddy took him to an airport to watch the planes take off when he was a little tike. When I got the chance to review Doctor Aviation, I took advantage of it so that I can have a leg up in understanding whatever key terms he’ll be talking about when he’s older.

About Doctor Aviation

Doctor Aviation is the leading world's best educational resource for those interested in aviation. Let your mind soar with this online aviation course.

Doctor Aviation is a course created by Doctor Aviation. He is a former member of the Air Force and was an instructor of the United States Air Force Academy. He has also written a book about CFIT. Due to his love of educating others, he wanted to make sure that anyone who was interested in aviation history would have the chance to learn it. As a result, he created the Doctor Aviation Education Website.

The Doctor Aviation online training course is created so that anyone who is in high school and above can benefit from taking it. The course is broken down into 15 manageable sessions. Each lesson takes between 45-60 minutes to complete the video portions. During each session, you’ll learn about technical aspects of the plane and also aviation history details. There are also PDF handouts that give you the chance to take notes. Also, he provides you with other resources that would enhance your understanding of the topics covered.

The course costs $99 for a six-month membership.

My Review

Again I took advantage of reviewing this course due to my son’s love of airplanes. He is only 13 and we got it over his summer break. Unfortunately, his passion for learning this material wasn’t strong enough to make him want to watch these lessons with me. I didn’t see the sense in forcing him to participate because he wasn’t here all summer long either.

So, I took these courses myself to be able to provide a full review of this product. I found the videos to be quite informative. Doctor Aviation went into full detail on the plane. My youngest son watched these videos with me and learned quite a bit about the planes. He liked that portion of the videos.

Doctor Aviation also provided entertaining bits of history from various timelines. I personally LOVED that part of the lessons. I wasn’t overly thrilled with learning about the planes themselves, but it’s nice seeing one of my son’s eager to learn about them.

I imagine this instructor is quite a bit of fun to listen to in a classroom setting, but in the videos, he maintained the same monotone voice throughout the entire videos. Since I have ADD it was hard to continue watching them for the full length of time. 45-60 minutes isn’t a long period of time to someone who doesn’t struggle with paying attention. However, it felt like a lifetime to me. I think if he could bring in someone to interact with him throughout the things he’s teaching it would have enhanced his videos tremendously.

You can tell he put quite a bit of time and effort into these videos. The guides are helpful. I’m glad that I could have lists of books to get to add to the lessons taught.

I feel that if someone wants to learn more about aviation this online aviation course would certainly do the job.

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