I have been blogging since 2012. I have never dived in with my entire being to make it a professional blog. Since I’ve started blogging, I have primarily done it out of the desire to hopefully help at least one reader to have a better life in some way. Despite the fact that I haven’t attempted to make my blog a PROFESSIONAL blog, I have made some serious money blogging.

In 2016, I sold the blog I started with because I made way to many mistakes on that blog to turn it into a full-fledged professional blog. I came to that conclusion based off of all the blog training materials I have invested in throughout the years. Regardless of my mistakes, prior to selling that blog, I was still bringing in between $1500 to $3000 a month from it.

Do You Have What It Takes To Blog Professionally? Come find out if you have the right skills and accessories.


The income wasn’t guaranteed. I relied too much on sponsored posts. As a result, the blog became something totally different than what I envisioned for my blog to be. Over time, I had lost the loyal fan base I had gained because they knew the passion for blogging had left me. They were right! Blogging became a chore and a nightmare.

For all intensive purposes, I was technically blogging professionally already. In my opinion, though, blogging professionally is taking your blog more serious than I was doing. It means working on it at least forty hours a week. It also means writing in a way in which your readers leave your website gaining something from their visit.

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Can you make money blogging without having a passion for doing it?

The simple answer is NO!

You literally have to have a passion for blogging in order to survive doing it. Blogging has to come from the heart and soul; otherwise, you don’t capture your readers. You only get traffic that just passes through. It’s hard for a person to connect with you if they can’t feel your emotions.

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Even if you’re a blogger that is primarily designed to share how-to’s and informative news, you still have to show your zest for what you’re teaching others about. To me, it’s like going to sit through a lecture where the professor just talks in a monotone voice the whole way through it. I’m sorry, I’m the type of person who’s going to run out the door as fast as my feet will carry me from that kind of lecture.

What do you need to blog professionally?

The first thing you need is the lust for blogging

Then you need to invest some time and maybe even some money into learning all you can about blogging. There is so much more to blog professionally than just writing a blog post and posting it online and hoping the traffic comes! The chances of you earning any serious money from your blog will be slim to none without proper training.

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One of the best things I’ve ever invested in was the Elite Blog Academy. Elite Blog Academy only opens up once a year. Trust me when I say you don’t want to miss the once in a year opportunity to get this course.

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Mind you this course is ONLY available to buy ONCE a YEAR!!


I know you’re going to look at the cost of this course and want to run the other way. DON’T!! 

If you have any desire to do blogging for a LIVING then this course will MORE than pay for itself! Even with starting this blog over from scratch in June 2016, and BARELY being able to touch it since I launched it, I’m already making income from it!

I know you’re thinking, well you have loads of experience and knowledge to help you out.


Blogging is an ever changing line of work. That’s one of the reasons why I adore this class. Ruth stays on top of the ever-changing trends. She UPDATES this course as needed. Hence why there is a 3.0 version.

Trust me when I say, just the hours you save from having to do research or waiting for someone to respond to your ever burning question makes this course worth it. I can honestly say this course is the ONLY blog training you’ll need to invest in to see REAL hardcore results from your blogging journey.

I’ve invested in loads of money into blog training through the years in hopes of being able to blog professionally. I’ve even read Ruth’s book How To Blog For Profit: Without Selling Your Soul. Yes, this book covers a good bit of what is in her course. HOWEVER, the course actually covers a good bit more. PLUS, you have LOADS of hand holding with the Elite Blog Academy. Ruth and her staff along with fellow students are fingertips away from helping you.

Like anything else, though, the course is only as good as the amount of time you put into using it. All of the products and courses I’ve bought in the past didn’t make me feel like it was worth the time and effort to do the things they suggested. On top of that, they truly didn’t SHOW ME THE MONEY. When I say, SHOW ME THE MONEY, I’m referring to seeing the how’s and why’s I need to do what is suggested.

This course does come with a guarantee!! You DO have to do the work!!! 

I’m excited and thrilled to be going through 3.0. I’m willing to walk through this course with anyone who requests my help on it! I’m going through it with a fine tooth comb this time and ensuring I don’t miss a single detail that will help make the difference between small potatoes and big huge baked potatoes.

Other Investments

Blogging professionally means you’re ready to treat it like a business. The blog training is a wonderful investment (that is tax deductible provided you USE it to make a blogging a business.)

I won’t lie the more involved you get with blogging, the more you’ll see that you need to invest in. I haven’t even fully invested in some of these products for this blog YET!

Some of the tools of the trade include:



Blog Design
Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite
Social Media Scheduling Tools

Photo Editing Software

Grammar Editing Software

Newsletter Service 

These are the main ones that come to mind. Yes, it looks overwhelming and like a good bit of money.

Do I REALLY NEED to buy all of this to start blogging?

In truth, you could start a blog with little money by buying your domain and hosting for less than $50 a year. However, trust me when I say you’ll spend loads of time learning all of the ropes by doing a BUNCH of searching. We’re talking hours and days, maybe even months. By the time you invested in all of these products I’m suggesting, you could be well on your way to making more money than you invested!!

The Reason I’m PUSHING these things

I know this blog post sounds like one huge sales pitch. However, I’m very passionate about blogging! I’d love to have everyone on board making as much money as Making Sense of Cents makes with her blog.

I’ve physically seen the money that CAN be made with blogging through the years I worked as a virtual assistant for bigger bloggers. It’s honestly there, but it requires dedication and love of it.

There WILL be more blogging tips coming on this blog. I have missed sharing the skills that I do know by heart about blogging. I want to help fellow bloggers to grow their blogs. However, I also know the value of the Elite Blog Academy.

Talk to me in the comment section: 

What lingering question do you have about starting a blog?

Do you think you have what it takes to be a professional blogger?