This was an advent calendar that took a bit of time to figure out how I wanted to create it. As a quilter for over 40 years, I set to work drawing out train and cars patterns. My grandson requested a DIY Train Advent Calendar since I made my niece her DIY Dog Advent Calendar. He wanted a combination of little and big cars, but we had to compromise. As usual, I got almost all of my supplies from Dollar Tree.

Materials Needed

2 White Press Board

Draw pattern of train/cars

Little Christmas Candy


Color Felt Squares (a lot of this)

Sticker number set

This DIY Train Advent Calendar is simple to make and one that your kids will be thrilled to have this holiday season. Plus, you can use your pattern for other crafts in the future.


Make a toy train pattern and cars on paper, then trace them onto the felt and cut them out. Then you take the pieces and strategically place them on your white press boards to make sure they all fit. Determine where you’re putting the windows on the trains and cars.

BEFORE you glue them down on the whiteboard make sure you place the other whiteboard underneath the one you plan on placing the trains and cars on you need to place holes underneath the windows to have a place for the candy pieces.

Then make your train based on your color pattern you’re interested in having. As a quilter, I love colorful things. Make sure you cut out the windows on your train and cars.

Now you can glue your trains and cars on the whiteboard with the holes on it for the windows. Put your candy pieces in the holes. Then glue the windows down only at the top so that they can be opened. Then you can place your number stickers on the windows.

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If you like the pattern you created then you can use it to make a train quilt for a baby that may be arriving in the spring.

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