I decided that I needed to make a classier advent calendar for one of my teen grandgirls. She likes the finer things, but without all the added fuss. I figured I’d transform little wedding boxes and put in fancy ornaments in it.

Materials Needed

Big throw away box

2 Wedding Little Boxes from Dollar Tree

24 ornaments in the same color family 

Red Bows

Snowflakes bows pack

Red stocking

Candy Canes Pack

Form stickers Santa clouds

Santa Clouds Ornaments


Glue Gun

Glue Sticks

Press White Board

DIY Ornament Boxes Advent Calendar


Get a throwaway box.

Paint the wedding boxes IF you want yours to be colorful like I do mine. Once dry put numbers on the top of them on the handles.

Put tape on the bottom and place in your box in a strategic manner.

Cut out white pressboard for the back. Write your message on it once it’s glued to the primary box.

Add Santa clouds to it. Add stocking and candy canes.

I choose to glue snowflakes to the front of the box along with the red bows.

Add ornaments.

You should end up with a finished project like the above one. Once they pull the ornaments out of the boxes you can add them to your Christmas tree each day.

Talk to me in the comments, please:

Do you think your family will enjoy making this ornament advent calendar?