This is a one of a kind dog advent calendar. My granddaughter has a little dog and she wanted a way to spoil him during the Advent season. I took some time to think of a way to make a unique dog advent calendar.

Materials Needed

Poster board

Green, brown, and yellow felt

Red Bows

Pictures of your dogs

Doggie treats



Stickers for Christmas ABC

Two Little Wing Boxes

Dot stickers

Black marker


How to Make DIY Dog Advent Calendar

You'll have a lot of fun making this DIY Dog Advent Calendar with your kids/grandkids this holiday season. Our dogs deserve to be spoiled too, don't they?

I drew out a tree on paper and divided it into sections. Then I traced the patterns onto green felt and cut them out. Plus, I had to cut out the trunk from the brown felt. Then I glued them all onto the poster board and each other.

I added the numbers to dot stickers and placed them on the tree in a strategic manner. Then had to think about how to add the bones to the tree because I couldn’t use glue to hold them on there or else the dogs couldn’t enjoy the treats. I decided to take some needle and thread and sew them onto the tree through the poster board.

The tree still looked like it was still a bit bare, so I added the red bows.

It still wasn’t complete without the star at the top of the tree. I put a note on the yellow star for you to know that’s a good spot to put your dog’s name on it.

The gifts under the tree make it look like it’s fully ready for Christmas.

This is a simple Christmas craft to do with the grandkids. Your dog is sure to appreciate obtaining the doggie treats each day up until Christmas’s grand arrival.

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Do you think you and your family will make one of these for your dog?