It can be ridiculously difficult to find the time to destress when we are in a constant state of flux. Work takes up at least eight hours of your life, and then you have hungry offspring mouths to feed when you get home, you are the nominated taxi service for said offspring, and you have to keep your humble abode looking clean and tidy. Hobbies often go out of the window and the idea of ‘free time’ seems like some mythical dogma that you once knew of but have long forgotten. However, it is vital that you do find the time to manage life’s stressful moments. If you don’t you could be damaging both your mental and physical health. We need to switch off, find pockets of relaxation and allow our blood pressure to reduce and our palpitations to decrease. Take a look at how you can deal with the stresses of modern life the easy way.

Dealing with life stressful moments the easy way is simpler than you may think. Be sure to check out these tips. What would you add?


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Slow Down

Easier said than done but if life is getting on top of you, you need to slow down. It is either slow down or burn out. By taking a step back, taking some of the holidays you are owed from work and handing the kids over to a friend for a couple of days, you could find that much needed me time. Just forty-eight hours can be enough to recharge your batteries and reset your frame of mind. Having this respite is vital to be sure that you don’t damage your mental well being. Depression and anxiety can manifest themselves from stress and can lead to more destructive thoughts that you want to keep at bay.

Talk About It

The old adage of a problem shared is a problem halved has never been truer than when thinking about life’s stressful moments. Make time to catch up with friends, talk through your problems, seek advice and chat about other totally unrelated topics. This will take your mind off your current all-consuming worries and allow your mind to think about something else for a couple of hours. Your friends often know you better than you know yourself so tap into this support network at every available opportunity. As your nearest and dearest they want the best for you and will help you get through any stressful situation.

If it’s difficult to find time to meet up with pals or you don’t feel like you have a support network around you, then the option of teletherapy is a solid alternative. All you need is a wifi connection and a screen so that you can tap into a network of online therapists who can help you with relationship problems, work stress or general anxieties.

Do What You Love

It doesn’t matter whether you are an adrenaline junkie and love the thrill of jumping out of an airplane, whether you adore playing soccer at your local ladies sports club or whether you simply love getting into a good novel. It is vital that you make time to follow your passions. These are a simple way to refocus your energies on something more productive that you are enthusiastic about.

Even if you can only manage a couple of hours at the weekend, scheduling this into your week can give you something to look forward to amidst the stress. Having a countdown to an activity that you love can be all the impetus you need to get through a particularly stressful meeting with a new client or help you make it through a frustrating parents evening at your little darling’s school.

Dealing with life stressful moments the easy way is simpler than you may think. Be sure to check out these tips. What would you add?


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Often underestimated, positive sleeping habits will allow us to tackle the challenges of stress in a more effective way. Poor sleep means we are not only tired, but we can also lack focus, concentration and the ability to think rationally. These are not effective attributes when trying to combat stressful moments. Instead, unplug your laptop, turn off your phone and try and relax for at least an hour before you hit the sack. A hot bath might be relaxing or a nice cup of cocoa while reading a book in bed might be the perfect way to send you off to sleep. Do whatever works for you and stick to a healthy sleep routine.

In a time of endless technological advancements, busier working lives and more demands on our time, it can be difficult to destress. However, by following just one or two of these strategies you can find yourself better equipped to deal with life’s most stressful moments.