Most people see a piece of art that they want to own themselves, inquire about the price and then add it to their personal collections. Very little thought is put into how the art will be displayed or precisely where it is to be hung. Sometimes a work of art can be perfect – just not for your home. Decide on whether your delicately decorated home would be better complemented by watercolor paintings or digital prints, modern collages or oversized photographs of famous landmarks. Here’s how anyone can choose art that is guaranteed to look incredible hanging up in your home.

Where Are You Going to Put It?

Large artworks can be displayed in the foyer of your home if you want to catch the attention of visitors as soon as they step in. Smaller pieces might work if you just want to add color to a bathroom or kitchen area. In short, you have to know what room you’re decorating first or at least where you intend on putting newly acquired art if you’re going to select great pieces. Don’t just go out to an art show or shop online for beautiful pieces if you don’t have a clue as to where it is going to end up within your home.

How to Choose the Perfect Art for Your Home

How Is Your Home Decorated?

Someone who lives in a home that has a minimalist motif going on might really benefit by displaying natural art as well as paintings that have a monotone color palette. In addition, pencil drawings that include soft and whimsical lines can look great in homes that have a more feminine theme. Look at your furniture, rugs, wall color paint and even your lighting fixtures if you want to select art that will look great when hung up. Pencil drawings can be matted rather than framed if you have a home that is decorated with natural wood furniture and lacks a lot of embellishments. Also, consider pencil drawings such as these from Fine Art America which are of subjects like animals and plants if you’re trying to keep the theme in your house simple.

What Other Art Do You Own?

It can be hard to pick out your first pieces of wall art if you haven’t gotten any hanging on your walls already. On the other hand, if you just need one more piece to finish up a room you may end up searching for the very last one for months. Consider the art that you already own so that your next drawings, paintings, and prints are the right size, have the best subject matter depicted and overall match what you’ve already got hanging around. Some people like buying wall art created by the same artists while there’s also art aficionados that constantly feel the need to go hunting for different pieces as a hobby of theirs.

If you’re a minimalist, you may want a single piece of art in each room so that you don’t feel like you’re overwhelmed with imagery. Then there are the homes that you walk into that seem to be covered from the ceilings to the floors in artwork that has been collected over the years. Choose pieces that set the right mood in your home by carefully considering what you already have and what kind of imagery you’d like to see on your walls.