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Blogging has been in my blood since 2012. I lost it a bit when I sold my first blog in 2016, but the fire for it has come fully back to life again because I remembered why I started blogging in the first place. Now, I’m going to share with you all the things I know have worked for me over the years. You get the pleasure of watching this blog grow right along with me because it’s no longer just a hobby.


How to Create a Profitable Blog

I get asked quite often how to create a profitable blog. I never have a quick and easy answer for them because in my mind I automatically think about all the things that go into blogging professionally. There are a ton of how to create blog posts out there. There …

How to Overcome Bloggers Writers Block

As professional bloggers, we are taught that we must keep writing and produce quality content on a consistent basis. The problem is most people don’t tell you how to deal with the bloggers’ writer’s block that you’re bound to experience at one point or another. I decided to share some …

Contact Us Page Best Practices

Too many sites treat “Contact Us” information like a closely guarded state secret. Users typically have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the home page and winnow through a list of obscure menu items in the hopes of finding a way to get in touch with a …

The Dos & Don’ts Of The Modern Vlogger

Not too long ago, vlogs would all follow quite a similar format; the video starts, someone talks for a while, and then the video ends, all without much in between. This made this sort of content incredibly easy to make, while also creating a new field which was accessible to …

How to Create a 5 Day Blog Series

Creating a 5 Day Blog Series doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Often times as bloggers, we tend to shy away from these kinds of projects when we should truly embrace them. I have seen many bloggers benefit from making mini-series on their blogs. Mini-series should be based preferably around …