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I’m a movie/TV addict. I can work and have my TV going in the background quite often. I do make sure I schedule about 8 hours a week watching TV because that is my downtime that I typically spend with my kids in the evenings. We strive to watch many new release movies and check out new series that come out on TV too.

Movie/TV Reviews

Inspirational Movies to Watch

I’ve always been a fan of inspirational movies. This becomes especially true when it comes to movies that cover how someone overcomes hardships in their life. One of my favorite movies is Dangerous Minds. The reason that the movie is so special to me is that I grew up in …
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OVERCOMER Movie Thoughts

I’ve been a fan of the Kendrick Brothers Production movies since I watched Fireproof. I’m a lover of the movie War Room! I’m pleased to have the chance to tell you about their new movie OVERCOMER that hits theaters on August 23, 2019, thanks to our partnership with Flyby Promotions. …
Movie/TV Reviews

DUMBO New Edition Releases Soon

One of my favorite movies growing up was DUMBO. I was enthralled with watching this movie at my Dad’s house. I watched and gathered so much inspiration from it. Yes, I’ve always been a sucker for inspirational related books or movies! About Dumbo In case you’ve never heard about this …